Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I swear this was not me

We've all been there, we're tired, we've worked hard all day and all we want to do is sit down, maybe take a shower and just go to bed . . . you walk in the house see the kitchen and see HIM sitting on the couch eating chips and watching TV, he smiles at you. he has no clue . . .

This is from today's Star Telegram

Dirty dishes led to woman's rampage
She faces charges after allegedly biting, swinging sword at boyfriend

FORT WORTH, Texas - A 20-year-old woman faces an aggravated assault charge after she bit her boyfriend, broke a picture frame across his face and swung at him with a sword during an argument about him not doing the dishes, police said.
The woman was arrested Thursday afternoon at the couple's apartment, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported on its Web site.
The 21-year-old man told police that he became involved in an argument because the woman was upset that the dishes were not clean. Police Lt. Paul Henderson said the woman told the man to leave the apartment, but he refused.
Henderson said the woman then tried to physically remove the man. During the ensuing struggle, the woman bit the man's right shoulder and broke a picture frame across his face, causing visible cuts, Henderson said.
The woman then grabbed an approximately 2-foot sword and swung it at him, but missed, police said.
The woman was released from a Mansfield jail after posting a $10,000 bond, jail officials said.
Henderson said the man and woman had lived together for four months.

She just wanted him to do some dishes.

Monday, September 15, 2008

a very random messy blog

we just returned from a week-end trip to my mom's, it was her birthday and so her clan descended upon graham as motley and mischievous as my baby nephew's hero, Curious George. with all nine grandchildren ages 2 1/2 months to 17 (we were missing one-lyd had homecoming) and siblings with spouses in tow we are "quite a site". with the exception of the hours of 1am to 6 am there was not a quiet moment i think the entire week-end.

it was messy, loud, dramatic, goofy, tense, hilarious, fun, and full of energy (both positive and negative)and B.S. my stomach still hurts from too much food and too much laughing. (i just want to send out a shout out to Mrs. Nesbitt, i loved the hat)

but what i loved the most was us.

i love every moment of us, us being marm, dude, bear, stace, curl, drey, lyd, mike, boddhi-boy, kels, beeps, crackson, iz, elle, and zoo. we each bring so much to the table that there's hardly ever room for all of us at once (both literally and figuratively)and that is just beautiful.

when i watch the girls play volleyball, or just decide to take a walk arm in arm as friends not just family my heart wants to explode. i want to scream, YES!!! I WANTED THAT, CHERISH THAT, LOVE THAT, EMBRACE IT, DON'T YOU EVER TURN YOUR BACK ON IT! when my kids scream and run around the house, "uncle dustin and aunt stacey are here!" i want to do the same thing! when my 4 year old niece grabs my legs from behind and squeezes so tight i feel warm all over, but when my seventeen year old niece hugs me so tight my ribs hurt i feel even warmer and my eyes mist.

i guess what i am saying is, i'm a nerd for my family. there is absolutely nothing that i wouldn't do for them that is within my grasp. and for what is out of my grasp, well dammit i'll make a jump for it and then ask my big, beautiful husband to give it a try too.

when my kids fight i usually embarrass them by making them say "positive" affirmations to one another. usually this brings the fight down a notch and reminds them of what is important. the truth is i believe those affirmations with all my heart as well.

1st-God does not make mistakes, He chose YOU to be my family and as such it is my job to love, respect, and protect you.

2nd-you are wanted, needed, and loved by me always and no matter what, nothing in this world will ever change those feelings.

3rd-be nice to your siblings, they are your closest link to your past and most likely to stick with you in the future.

and lastly, to my dad, we miss you so much daddy, you were sorely missed this week-end, but hey aren't they all so beautiful . . .



Beautiful batheing babes (and bubs)