Wednesday, October 15, 2008

PSAT fever

I am so excited! Today my oldest is taking the PSAT for the very first time and I am way more pumped than she could ever be. The thought of her one day getting to go to college doesn't make me sad for time passing, it simply invigorates my spirit on the endless possibilities her life can have with a college degree. (Yes I am that optimistic)

I loved college, every moment of it and if I could I would still be there today!

so please tell me why my sulky 15 year old doesn't feel the same way I do? She left this morning with such attitude for "this stupid test" no energy for this "rite of passage!" What is going on?

I guess for me it just takes me back to my high school days when I wanted to take the SAT and my mom said, "but you would be such a great hair dresser and you don't need college for that". Or my senior year of college where my mom says, "do you really think you are going to make it, are you going to graduate, you know I always thought you would make such a great beautician".

Pause. Sigh.

Don't get me wrong, I love my mother very much, it's just that I really want to convey to my daughters that the sky is the limit, not the "Smart Style" and while I am currently on a "mommy hiatus" from teaching, for now I still have the same goals and aspirations I had (gasp has it been that long) 17 years ago only now I have them for my beautiful, intelligent, funny, fabulous, daughters.

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Anonymous said...

Tell Kelsey to get over it and take the damn test. My sophomores' are taking it today, and I am pumped for them. College was amazing and I have nothing but fond memories of it. I love college and I have actually thought of going back a few times. I am so proud of her and I know she will do amazing.

And Nicole, you would of made a great hairdresser but you are an amazing teacher, mother, wife, and sister. You have done and will do awesome things in your life and I am proud of you Cole.

I love you guys and I hope I will see you soon.


Indigo Children said...

She is going to do amazing things and you are doing amazing things (and will do more amazing things in the future) -- you can fix my hair anytime (wink wink).

Someday (soon maybe?) she will appreciate how hard her mother fought for her own education and discover the value of that experience and wisdom.

as far as why she doesn't feel the same way -- teens are just moody like that. Mine would never admit (to me) that she felt the same as me about anything (especially something I show excitement about).

Isn't it great to have toddlers and teens at the same time. The toddlers show genuine excitement and wonder and the pretty?

Anonymous said...

Now, let us get things straight. What greater thrill in live than to do a job that has things you love involved. Nicole is not dumb and this was never mentioned; however, she loves to fix make up, hair and gossip. (especialy gossip) A beautician is the logical answer. So get over it; get off my back and remember you have said things that will come back to haunt you. Pay back is the -----.

Nicole's Mom


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