Monday, November 24, 2008


i am so excited! my mother-in-law is coming today to pick up four of my five children to give me a small break for the week! i am cleaning up (really just picking up) my house and i am about to put up our Christmas tree so that when we come home from Thanksgiving vacation we can really get the holidays started. the kids have no idea mwahaa haa! (insert evil laughter here)

the holidays are here!

it is all my sister's fault, she started the landslide of good cheer by giving me my birthday present early (THANK YOU!) a limited edition BOXED set of all the claymation Christmas classics FUN BOX! I have always wanted it, but have been too cheap to buy it. i watched them all, rudolf, santa claus is coming to town, frosty, frosty returns, i did not watch that lame excuse for a christmas classic, "cricket in the hearth crap!

despite what wal-mart and the rest of retail have been advertising, i have refused to begin decorating for Christmas until this week. it has been extremely difficult and yesterday i was like a kid in a candy store following jere around the barn pointing to all the boxes we needed in order to get the house ready. he said if he didn't love me so much he would, "smack my goofy butt for being so excited!" smacked or not, i still would have continued on my mission.

i love this time of the year. it's not about the presents. i think there is way to much pressure on that particular subject, so much that it's not even that fun sometimes. NO, i love family, the decorating, and food. i love cocoa, and sugar cookies, and Christmas lights, and homemade decorations, and games, and peppermint, and sharing bathrooms, and driving to our family's home, and cheesy holiday music, and everything else! i am super happy and can't wait for thursday!

merry christmas and happy new year

can't wait to see you all

only 30 more days til Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Anonymous said...

Okay, it was only 15 dollars and I could not resist. In fact, I bought one for myself. I am glad that it has put you in a good holiday cheer, I know I will be cheerful at 12:30 tomorrow when all my kids go away for the holiday. It will be nice to have a break and visit family and eat way to much food. Love you too and I will see you Friday.



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