Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu!!

OM goodness, can you believe what is going on with this pandemic?

they have cancelled all my children's field trips and now jere doesn't know if they are going to ft. worth this week-end or not for their band trip. you know i wasn't very paranoid until i got a text from my friend staci in ft. worth telling me they had shut down all the schools until may 11th. it's crazy!

i just got a call from the head of the school board at CCS, they will let me know in the morning if we can have the spring music program i have been busting my booty on for the last month.

well anyway, i'm going to get back to a little light reading i was doing, gotta finish "the stand," by stephen king. i hope it has a happy ending . . .

:) blessings



Indigo Children said...

isn't it crazy? i don't know if we should be frightened or what. They are postponing all activities until late may... prom, field trips, concerts etc.

I asked dude today if we should just keep the girls at home period. if they can catch it at a band concert, they can catch it at school -- yuck.

Danell said...

I read an article and they said we tend to make too big a deal out of these outbreaks (mad cow, etc.) I think that's probably right. They said thousands die of the common flu every year but we don't think as much of that. New things and threats are always going to be scary. I do hope it goes away quickly though! Just pray God keeps us safe!


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