Monday, April 6, 2009

That's What I call Irony

o.k. so yesterday we decided to throw caution to the wind and let the girls stay home alone while we ran to Graham to pick up a dresser for Ella-Sophie. two sets of our best and dearest friends knew we were leaving, the girls had their cell phones, snacks, and strict orders to stay off computer and get some laundry done. armed with books from library, i-pods, and chocolate cake they were thrilled to see us walk out the door.

we arrived in Graham around 4:30, had dinner with mom and were basically enjoying this "stolen" time with our three youngest. the baby played quietly on the floor while belle and jack watched monk to their hearts delights. around 6:30 we decided to get ready to go back when ella-sophie began to cry non-stop, nothing satisfied her, no one sated her, she was miserable, and pulling on both ears and running a fever. we debated and decided to run to the e.r. with her before leaving for home. we call one set of our friends and decide that maybe the girls should go home with them.

it is now 7 pm.

at approximately 7:30 pm our daughters call (bryan and tricia have not picked them up yet) to let us know, "the washing machine has exploded dad, there's water everywhere!"


8:00 pm bryan and tricia have received the same phone call and are now at our home. it is bad. really bad, for once blythe has not exaggerated. when they drove up the water was running out of the garage. apparently the tube that tells the washer it is full and to stop filling up had come unattached so for one hour the washer, "filled up". the girl's room, garage, and laundry room are flooded and our good friends are stuck trying to remove carpets and furniture.

9:30 pm bryan and tricia have packed up our girls and go back home exhausted. we are just now being discharged with the baby who has a double ear infection and a cough with a sore throat.

we pull into abilene around 11:20, jere drops us off and drives to caps to pick up the girls. he then comes home and works on the washing machine until around 1 am.

my heart nearly broke when his alarm went off at 5:30 this morning, i hugged, kissed, and praised his wonderfulness as a husband, father, and provider until he got out of bed a little before 6. he and two extremely surly teenagers left the house around 6:40 this morning. he has a full day as he has to drive a bus after school and move his entire bandhall into the new building today as well.

my goal today is to try to clean up this mess as best i can, i'm also making brownies. pray that all three of them stay awake and have a good day today please. i let jack sleep until 8 so he is doing better than those three.

in our house we believe that the first day of the week is truly Sunday, so we've had our bad day for the week :) hope yours went better than ours. have a wonderful, blessing filled, great week!




Danell said...

Oh, Nicole! I'm so sorry. Good luck cleaning today. And I hope Ella is feeling better today!

Indigo Children said...

that sounds awful. i hope things get better soon.


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