Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Zoo

last night we threw caution (and routine, schedules, homework, and bedtimes) to the wind and went to the zoo around 6. it was not very busy and as such we let the kids kind of run free.

it. was. wonderful.

we had the best time, jere and i held hands and our kids held our hands, everyone got along and no one for two solid hours complained or griped about anyone else.

heaven, plus abilene has recently done a huge and much needed overhaul on their zoo, so it really was like we were going there for the first time.

we got home late, half of the kids recieved baths, and some homework was completed on the way to school still . . .

i wouldn't change a minute of it



Danell said...

How much fun! I'm really wanting to go to the zoo soon with my crew. Love, love the photo with you and Ella!

Indigo Children said...

it always seems like the unplanned last minute trips are the best :)

Glad you got some family time.


Beautiful batheing babes (and bubs)