Wednesday, May 27, 2009


the title of my post is the same sound charlie brown makes when he is frustrated. i have never felt the need to use this noise, not even giving birth have i used this noise; but today i use this noise.


we got the repayment back on jere's student loans today. we have already been paying some of them back to the tune of 180 a month combined with mine which are 180 as well. it is a bit of a stretch.

today we got a letter from "sallie mae" AKA the DEVIL telling us that our new payment for all of his loans will begin june 10th for the amount of 581.36.

excuse me?

"ummmm ms. sallie mae are you expecting us to continue to live at the already modest level we are on with this additional 400 a month added to the task of our already meager survival?"

"oh, you don't give a crap, i understand. i also understand why people default on their student loans all the time."

jere is not one of those people who would default. I AM but not him:) which is why God has put us together. we are stuggling with the idea of either him getting another job, me taking on a part time job somewhere (anyone know of someone hiring for mon and thursdays nights for 3 hours a day) or going back to school to get his Masters with me and just add more on to this debt. to quote my brother, "it's just another drop in the bucket."

i dont know, just be in prayer that we will make the right decision for our family. i am not going back to work teaching this year. we do not feel a pull in that direction right now. either way we need to make up our minds by the 10th.

please lift up my spouse in your thoughts and prayers. he is so upset. he works really hard, has a great job that he loves, and is an awesome father and husband. he took most of those loans out because he chose to marry a woman with 3 kids and a taste for non-profit work. he shouldn't be punished for being a good man (the sallie mae lady was really crass and mean to him, i hate when people hurt his feelings and make him feel bad for having 5 children and being a school teacher. (if i ever meet her in public i'm smacking her, looking her right in the eye, and saying, "you know what that's for!"

pray that God will reveil what I am suppose to be doing. (getting a job, or getting masters and certified) God is good to us and has taken us this far. we have a pretty good life if i do say so myself.

besides it's not like God is going to "drop the ball" or anything.

blessings and love
can't wait to see you all soon
welcome andrea,



Andrea said...

Awww. I feel for ya. Everywhere I look people are having money problems (except for my exceptionally well-off orthodontist, periodontist, and dentist!!!) I don't want to work either, but selling greenhouses right now is the equivalent of swimming pools or any other luxury item. People aren't buying! Hopefully that witch will re-negotiate your payment amount. Good luck, girl...and thanks for the shout-out. =)

vnessa6043 said...

That is what I say, Pray and try again to negotiate. I am sure God will make a way.
Love you

Fiver said...

BTW- there is no negotiate with a private loan facilitator nor is there a consolidation either. we've tried that.

our only route is back in school or trying to consoladate what we have down smaller so that we can afford the 2 private loans easier.


Indigo Children said...

that sucks! i am praying you guys find a clear path soon (and that the loan people miraculously misplace /delete his file).

Danell said...

So sorry to hear this. Doesn't seem right to go up so much on your payment :( I'll be praying with you about it!


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