Monday, May 18, 2009

spring cold

with only this week left for jack and belle and next week for jere and the girls, i am really starting to pick up on their excitement for summer.

however i have had such a horrible time with my allergies in the last few days i am beginning to think i may have to actually take something. i feel awful. i am taking today to feel better and rest. ella-sophie and isabel are both running from the nose as well so we are just laying low today and watching tv and playing with our fisher price zoo.

hope you all had a great week-end, aside from the attack of allergies mine was very good. thank you God for the rain, woo hoo!

btw. everyone should see the new star trek, we've seen it twice, it's major fun even if you are not a geekie trekkie like my super nerdy husband.



just a quick collage of the week in pictures.

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Indigo Children said...

feel better soon. we have been in bed all day as well -- boddhi has a fever and has been so tired, so we are watching disney movies all day. I wish I could catch the summer excitement...maybe soon.


Beautiful batheing babes (and bubs)