Monday, June 1, 2009

blythe lauren joy

my baby flew away yesterday. stacey and i took her to the airport at 5 in the morning, which by the way is the absolute best time to hang out with the three of us if i do say so myself. not only are we snazzy dressers, but we have great senses of humor in spite of the time.

blythe's flight went off without a hitch,(this was her first time to fly alone, small tears quickly dried up though) stacey and i got some incredible dunkin donuts (yummy)with some no kid quality time thrown in on the drive back, and ella-sophie spent some quality time sleeping and bonding with her uncle dustin and boddhi (great job dude)

anyway here are a few pics stace got of blythe before she left. i think they are awesome, stacey did a great job! please be in prayer for her the next few weeks that she will have a good time AND get along with her biological father.



ps to stacey and dustin
thanks for the DELICIOUS indian food!
incredible margaritas!
playing with my naked baby!
putting up with me!
love you guys!


Danell said...

Blythe is such a cutie! Hope her trip turns out well and she has fun. So sorry we aren't going to get to see her this weekend :( The kids are excited to play with Jack and Isabel!

Indigo Children said...

it was a lot of fun; i am glad you came to visit :)

i found a picture that I took of Blythe in kindergarten. She has red highlights in her hair for the school picnic!

some people never change ;)

Andrea said...

What cool pictures. And I love your sarcasm! Funny girl.

Anonymous said...

I miss Blythe too and I can't wait to see her in a few weeks. Those are some great pictures Stacey!! Love you guys!!



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