Wednesday, July 8, 2009


she's unusually unusual
absolutely unpredictable, yes she is
she's so different and that's what's wonderful
she's unusually unusual and that's beautiful to me

i'm a smidge nerdy and make my own ringtones for my iphone.

that medley above is what plays when three incredibly different, awesome, fun, intelligent, or just plain fantastic women call my phone.

i'll go ahead and tell you that one of them is my baby sister. she is my polar opposite and twin all at the same time. i love her dearly and madly all at the same time. she relies on me to be her sister, best friend, mother, fashion consultant, (though she NEVER listens, "hey you're 31 just say NO to the transformer t-shirt!")and counsel er all at the same time. sometimes i smoothly change hats with her and she thinks i am wise, and other times i tick her off pretty badly and we hang up irritated at one another (jeez coley, when did you become like mom?). but we never stay mad.

you can't be angry with bear too long.

the next is my sister-in-law stace. she was MY friend first (i don't make female friends easily i might add) then my big brother whisked her away from me for quite some time, married her, loved her, changed her. our relationship changed for a while too. time ticked by and thankfully she became by friend again, but not my college friend anymore but my new sister-in-law friend. i had never had this before. she is one of my closest confidants and knows me quite well (and still is my friend!) i can be me with her and that is very important! i love her very much and would probably stop speaking to my brother if he ever did anything to hurt her (seriously)

gotta love stace.

the third is my pastor's wife trice. she has known me the shortest amount of time. our relationship has grown slowly, with me being the cautious one. if you put us together you'd instantly think one thing, mismatched. she's Barbie and i'm Holly Hobby.. she is 5'11' blonde and you will never catch her without a pair of at least 3" heels on standing beside my 5'3" flip flop wearing self. but she became my friend. as we watch our children grow up together and worked side by side in our little no pay NPO job. sweating our butts off in 105 degree weather watching 13-15 year olds at church camp swim. crying for our beloved friend last week. she knows the deepest about me, just like sarah and stace, and she's still my friend.

she's taught me that i can't judge a woman by her staggering stilettos when she's down on her knees praying for me.

to these three women


to the newest, fabulous, unusually unusual, honest, smart, strong, funny, and fantastic other new women in my life . . .

double CHEERS and thank you for hanging out with me, standing by me, and supporting me. i hope i can do the same for each of you.


Indigo Children said...

ditto ;)

The Soon-to-be Stearns Clan said...

thank you so much for those amazing words and I can't image a life without you. I love you big sis!!


Beautiful batheing babes (and bubs)