Sunday, July 12, 2009

let me clarify

ok, here's the dealio. i will be very brief since both of my girls read my blog. (hi baby girls!)

essentially blythe thinks that by moving in with her biological father in georgia, she can somehow forge some type of relationship with him since she has a really good one with her dad here (jere) and myself. she knows where we stand and also knows that no matter what happens our door is always open.

i am upset, frustrated, irritated, hurt, angry, blown-away, and pretty much miserable. there can be no good from this decision. he has sought legal council and is preparing to go forward with this.

did i forget pissed? yep, i'm pissed too.

anyway, good thoughts, prayers, and the whole nine yards is super appreciated. and yes, we are fighting this. I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THERE, and while i agree that we should give people second chances that right is reserved for adults, NOT my 14 year old child. i have dealt with her father on more than one occasion and know about that heartbreak and disappointment as well as forgotten promises, etc, etc. first hand. my child should not have to deal with that. so i'm gonna go with a big fat NO, you aren't moving in with your father.

blessings and a good week to you all,



Indigo Children said...

as i said in the email -- i am sending you all the positive energy I can locate :)

and sending up prayers for peace for all of you.

We love you all and are here if you need us.

The Soon-to-be Stearns Clan said...

Um, No is all I have to say. Tell her when she is 18 she can spend the summer with him, forming this so called relationship. GRRRRRR!!! I am sending much prayer and blessings your way and I hope this all goes away soon. I love you guys and I know that God will not drop the ball on this one.

vnessa6043 said...

Poppa and I are praying and we certainly don't think it would be good for Blythe. This is a very hard age for her anyway (like it is for most at this age) she needs to stay where there is a stable foundation, Momma knows her better than anyone and I dare say loves her more than anyone. So, we are praying that Blythe will realize that with Momma is the best place. We love you all. Grandma

Andrea said...

Whoa, that's heavy stuff. I feel for you. Maybe she is seeking adventure. I know your heart must be breaking, and I have no advice to give, but ....I think I can see both sides. She is the oldest right? Being the oldest can be tough. At least I have some experience there. Sending positive energy your way!


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