Monday, July 13, 2009

this picture has nothing to do with this blog, i just thought it was funny :)

blythe is having her tonsils and adenoids removed on wednesday morning at 7. we are super excited (by we i mean jere and i) blythe isn't so keen, but we would like for our child too cease having strep throat every 5 weeks as well having sleep apnea.

anyhoo, after going to two doctors appts, the hospital for pre-registration, and getting some blood work done we are trying to have a pretty easy going evening.

we spent the day together just the two of us while daddy had the youngest two at home. between all the doctor's junk we managed to squeeze in two mochas (mine hot, her's cold) a smidge of shopping (skinny jeans for 2 bucks!) and make fun of the chunky girls IN skinny jeans (hey i'm not proud, just honest)

it was great. i love my baby blythe and know that God has everything in control. i just have to learn how to lay it at His feet and leave it there.

send out your best thoughts and prayers for her. i know she's almost 14 but that really doesn't change anything in your heart does it?

blessings and peace,



Indigo Children said...

glad to hear you guys had a good time :)

my older sister said something in an email that got me thinking about moms. She mentioned that she spends a lot of time encouraging, planning for, and asking her husband to spend time w/ her kids; she realized that she spends more time planning treats and surprises for him to experience w/ them than she does on spending "fun" time w/ them herself.

Moms get a lot of everyday, learning, disciplining time w/ their kids, but they do not always take the time to have fun w/ them (individually -- because that would require someone else to watch the others...). So she is making it her goal to plan and do fun things w/ each of them individually.

Taking Mike to the store the other night, I realized the importance of that as well. I want to be the "fun guy" too, not just the disciplinarian and the nurturer.

Long comment, but I am glad to see that you guys took some "fun" time too. Sometimes it is hard to have fun when we are angry. Why do moms always have to be so mature (and lay our hearts down after they have been broken)? What a spiritual opportunity.

Some days I am up to being as mature as I need to be for my kids...and others I fail miserably.

Still sending love your way :)

Danell said...

So happy you two had some together time, even if it was going to doctor's and such. Mochas? How festive!

Yes, I'm praying for Blythe and hoping the surgery and all the decisions at hand go according to God's will! Love you guys :)

The Soon-to-be Stearns Clan said...

You can DO IT Blythe!! You will be fine and God is in control. I am so happy that you are going to have this surgery that will make you better. It has done wonders for Zoe. I love you and I will see you soon. Muah!!


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