Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Isabel! Are you really 5?

we had a pretty sad week this past week and kind of let isabel's birthday go unnoticed. however we did pick up zoe this week from her dad's on sunday and she and aunt sarah treated us to a rockingly good time at the chucksters. my most hated place on the earth. thankfully we had blythe, sarah, zoe, isabel, ella-sophie, and madison to help jere and i see the good in the cheese!

happy birthday to isabel
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to isabelllllllll
happy birthday to you baby bear!!!

ps stay tuned for ella-sophie's first birthday party. eventually. sometime. . .
ok i'm working on it!!!!!!!!!!!!




Danell said...

Happy Birthday, Isabel! We love you :)

And yes, Mommy, she is five... and that means my Mark will be five soon!!!!

Andrea said...

Chuck E. Cheese! Can you believe they are still around and still the Nirvana for all 5-year-olds?! Are they still super duper crazy loud? Why do kids like loud places? Do you think their hearing is bad, because our hearing must just improve with age. When I go into a place like that now, I bring earplugs! Wow, that sounded old. Ok. Happy Birthday Isabel! One day I will get to meet you. Have an awesome day!

Indigo Children said...

Happy Birthday Isabel! I hope it was fantastic.

The Soon-to-be Stearns Clan said...

I know, I know...I am the best Aunt Sarah Ever. Thank you, thank you, thank you all around. I am glad that the kids had a great time and that I was there to help. Love you guys and see you soon.


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