Friday, July 24, 2009

well the weekend is finally here and blythe is finally acting more like a person. she ate some beans last night and "sucked" on a cheeto :) that was pretty funny.

we are preparing for a garage sale for next weekend so i am cleaning out (still) closets. it is amazing how much stuff we have. i am also planning on culling down some of the dishes and dishware we own too much of. maybe even some blankets and stuff. i'm tired of all the STUFF! we also have to clean out the pool and get our yard back in order. this past week of storms has knocked down every dying branch in our three pecan trees.

jere has worked all week, he is such a band nerd! and loved every moment of band camp. kelsey (who is at camp with her dad, poor thing) said, "he's a band nazi/nerd mom, he keeps using his barry white voice over the loudspeaker and laughing manically!" can i just say that i love, love, love that my husband loves his job! we have to go to anson this weekend to set up his room so that's one more item added to task.

molly also needs a bath (dum, dum, dum, dum, dummmmmm)and the van needs detailing.

i hope everyone else's weekend is relaxed and great.

we love and miss everyone!



Andrea said...

I love your new sidebar with all the descriptions of your kiddos. (If it's not new, please forgive me; I just noticed and I just love it!) All your children have very cool names.
As far as your garage sale is concerned, are you selling any furniture? We might need a desk, chair, and kitchen table in the near future. I need new clothes, since I'm getting so pudgy around the middle. I plan to lose it, but doesn't everybody?

Fiver said...

thanks andrea, it is new. i feel bad because i seem to only focus on one child at a time and i never want any one of them to feel lost in the shuffle.

we don't have any grown-up furniture, lots of odds and ends and children's furniture. as for clothes danell can tell you i'm MUCH more curvy than you two skinny minnies. my stuff would just fall off of you. maybe some of kelsey's skinny jeans :) if she could bear to part with them!!!


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