Wednesday, July 29, 2009


ok yesterday we spent at least half of the day at the doctors.

OMGravy!!! it was crazy and i think it is safe to say that the adults were just as miserable as the kids were by the time we were through.

we started the day at the pediatric pulmonologist (sp?) for isabel. great news we do not have to be on steroids anymore (for now) she is showing so much improvement. plenty of exercise, vitamins, and controlling her allergies and voila, no asthma attacks no pneumonia! thank you God! her doc said we could start weening her off of them. i actually started that in may, but he doesn't have to know that :)

next we took the three oldest to the eye doctor. that went well, and only blythe needs glasses, go figure. the kids love dr. dressen he's a hoot. his practice looks like something straight out of the 60's but he's personable, likes kids, and is CHEAP!

we ended our day with both of the girls getting their physicals for the year. i would like to say that this ended our day on a high note, but i would be lying. the girls were in horrible moods, indignant about having to remove their clothes and wear a, "see through gown mom!" and of course we ended the visit with shots all around! no one was happy!

i am so thankful that jere was able to go to all the appointments with me in the morning and then he spent time with the two youngest (in the pool, oh the horror) while i sat for 2 hours with the girls. even he admitted helping me on a day like yesterday showed him how tiring "just taking the kids to the doctors" can be and why on those days sandwiches are what's for dinner :)

i got a few good pics, there are none of jack. he doesn't want his picture taken again until i get his hair cut. he is not a fan of my new blog picture:) but take it from me he's still a cutey even with the long hair.

happy hump day,



Danell said...

Wow, sounds like lots of running to and fro. It's so neat Jere got to go with you all, I love it when Josh gets to do errands with us. And bravo to Jere for realizing how tiring being a stay-at-home mom can be! Of course, ALL I do is stay at home, but maybe that will soon change. Love you guys :)

Andrea said...

That sounds very exhausting, but at least it's OVER! After reading your post, I need a nap.

Indigo Children said...

glad everyone is getting their before school ck ups!

you got a lot done today.

The Soon-to-be Stearns Clan said...

Yeah for Dr. Appt they are the best. Oh wait, no they are not. Sounds like a tiring day but it is done. Can't wait to see you soon.


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