Sunday, August 16, 2009

busy week

this past week has been wicked busy. i can't seem to catch my breath. we are working at both jere's school and cornerstone getting them ready, getting some yard work done, hauling off junk, and we've had company twice this past week and jere's boss is coming over tomorrow night! (that's a pretty long sentence eh)

anyway, i don't feel like writing much about our busy schedules before school starts next monday so i thought i would mention the newest addition to our family.


we named her after my mom (linda lou) who has always wanted a granddaughter to be named after her :D

she is a rescued half basenji half chihuahua, we call her a chisenji or a bahuahua! she is awesome very low key and exactly what blythe has been asking for for about a year. isabel has wanted one since the movie "beverly hills chihuahua". so everyone is happy, even molly who wasn't so sure in the beginning.

hope you had a great weekend.

miss and love everyone,



Danell said...

She is adorable!

Indigo Children said...

wow. another pet. you guys are fearless.

Fiver said...

Well an eight year old, house trained, sleeps 20 hours a day adult dog can be a bit of a stretch stace ;)


The Soon-to-be Stearns Clan said...

I love Lou Lou. JR wants to steal her, but I said no. But, maybe you should keep your eye our for him. ;-)

Andrea said...

I'm so glad Molly and Lou Lou get along well. She looks soooooo sweet. I like bahuahua...funny! I'm excited for you. what a great addition to the family.


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