Tuesday, August 11, 2009

home again home again jiggedy jig

these are a few pics from the past week-end

we are finally home for the entire summer. we left friday afternoon to head for graham (to drop off blythe and the dogs at marmee's) then on to saginaw (to drop off jack and belle at grandma's) then on to waxahachie for our church state convention. jere and kelsey were singing/playing for the saturday morning program and we were super excited to get to go. we get to visit with friends we've met from camp and other church fun throughout the year. it was a nice visit.

we got home late and spent all day recovering. yesterday was spent working on jere's classroom (did i mention i REALLY miss teaching) and helping him get ready for the new school year. his new band hall is awesome but very plain (manly) so we jazzed it up with posters, borders, and all kinds of cool stuff he didn't even know existed (someone slept through his bulletin board class in college :)from Mardel's for his room. all in all jere said he was actually amazed at how great his room looked. i can't believe he even doubted me for a second :)

now we have spent all day cleaning out closets and making sure we have no clothes that do not fit/will not wear in our possession. those items are for the salvation army truck and i couldn't be happier. i have every one's closet organized except for the baby's, but hers is tricky you never know what might fit in the future.

i can't believe summer is almost over. jere is back at work full-time and i am so bummed. i am back at cornerstone again this year helping out and that makes me feel good. i have postponed grad school until the Spring, but am wondering if i should just spend the year getting certified. i don't know, jere really wants me to get the masters. he thinks it will be my springboard to other opportunities within the education field. we'll see. he's probably right

i'm feeling a little overwhelmed, but that's alright. i just need to get everything organized and i'll be fine. the kids are starting to get antsy about school and even though they don't want to go, you know they really kinda do.

i hope everyone else's weekend went well and they are starting to settle into the fall as the summer slowly fades away.




Indigo Children said...

happy end of summer to you. I can't believe how big Ella has gotten, so cute. I love Jack's annoyed smile in the first picture.

all the best to your family as they get ready for the new school year.

p.s. i might need to borrow your bat ;)

Danell said...

Cute pics! Yes, sorry we missed you guys this last weekend :(

Summer vacation may be fading away quickly, but the summer heat IS NOT! I'm ready for fall!!! :)

Love you guys...


Andrea said...

can't believe the summer went by so quickly; thanks for your post.

Andrea said...

Love your new tag line!

The Soon-to-be Stearns Clan said...

I don't want to go to school...

Not really, I am ready for summer to be over to work again. But, I am not ready for 100 teenagers and their attitudes. Sounds like you are dealing with your own teenager. Happy end of summer as well!!


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