Tuesday, September 22, 2009


well our weekend was crazy, but kelsey's birthday party was a huge success! from the AWESOME and delicious chocolate fountain (which i have decided that every party from now on should have) to our guest singer! ( i "hired" a theater major to ring our doorbell and when kelsey opened it Metrostation song "kelsey" to her, she LOVED IT!)

we karaoked, ate, danced, and acted goofy til midnight. needless to say we were exhausted all day sunday.

she received all kinds of wonderful gifts but i have to mention one gift in particular. her grandma made her a blanket for her birthday, i know you're thinking AND? well this home made quilt had a lovely asian design on one side and (for those of you who don't know kelsey is a major anime nerd) InuYasha scenes on the other side. kelsey went wild for this unique and one of a kind gift. grandma trumped every gift card, t-shirt, and box set (of InuYasha of course) with kelsey's new blankie which she sleeps with every night.

now here's the bad news. i was so busy preparing food, cleaning house, and being a good hostess that i didn't take ANY pics. i know i know, bad mommy BUT my bestie took plenty of pics i just need to get them off of facebook.

anyway, i hope everyone is having a great week so far. a few shout outs before i go . . .

blythe is awesome!

peace to aunt staci, we love and miss you!

congratulations on your new baby girl and "HI, just cause" to andrea!

happy birthday JR, thanks for loaning me bear for the weekend, she was a tremendous help!

love you mom!!

mel, boo, and stacey b, you are the best EVER!

and finally . . .

i love you jeremiah, thank you for helping me, encouraging me, and funding all my insane ventures!


Indigo Children said...

sounds like it was perfect. can't wait to see more pictures. love you guys and miss you too.

Danell said...

So glad Kelsey had a great birthday! YES... more pictures, please :)

The Stearns Clan said...

It was the best party ever. I had a great time and so did Zoe. In fact, I had to download the song Kelsey so Zoe can hear it whenever and think of Kelsey. Your welcome for the help and I think I am still exhausted today and I have a 5 year old birthday party tomorrow. Love you guys and see you soon.

Andrea said...

Awwww! Thanks for the shout out! That blanket is so cool! What a great gift. I must find out what a chocolate fountain is...sounds very fun and yummy FUMMY! Ha. Haven't had much sleep, the baby is learning fast, but the old boys are taking their time warming up to her. I'm having trouble finding time for things like ...oh...showering?! Brushing my hair. Ya know, just the little things.

Congratulations on a great birthday party; great mom and hostess!


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