Wednesday, October 14, 2009


well i have bravely stood in the trenches bathing hot heads, medicating yucky coughs, and serving up soup and saltines like nobody's business since last wednesday night after church.

my fear and motivation? my drive? THE FLU!!! we didn't want it and i was going to make sure we didn't get it and we DIDN'T!! all of my children (except for kelsey, i guess at 16 you really DO know how to cover a cough and wash your hands and not drink after others) has been sick but with nothing over 72 hours. they've all coughed or ran temp but no flu!!! dr. shah said izzy probably had pneumonia again and for me to medicate as usual (thank God we have a nebulizer at home!)

that was great until saturday night when my fever spiked and I was the one really sick :( but just like the kids i was back up and running by tuesday!

now here's the weird part. ella-sophie has run a fever off and on, never two days consecutively, since last wednesday and yesterday we ran her in to the peds (she is the only one of the kids who has not had the flu shot) to see when we could get one and she has been really, really, really, fussy for the past two nights and just really only wanted to be held. our ped looked at her and said, "well she seems fine to me, but let's just do the swab for flu and strep."

Ella-Sophie has the flu!!! he said she has probably had it since last week and is almost done, but that she is doing really well handling it. she is amazing!!!! today she has napped as usual and snuggled but she is doing pretty good, just wants to be held and i can totally handle that.

through this whole week though JACK has been amazing. jere and the big girls have been gone for games, school, and competitions but he has helped me every inch of the way and been such a BIG BOY!


hope your weeks are going alright,



Danell said...

So glad y'all are all better! And I'm so proud of Jack, sounds like you had very good help there! My kids have not had flu shots because the pediatrician ran out! I'm hoping towards the end of the month we can get them. Hope you all stay well and Ella continues to improve :)

Indigo Children said...

glad you are better :)
jack is so sweet -- I am glad you had him to help.

at least he won't be a teen for a few more, right?

talk to you soon.

The Stearns Clan said...

I hope my Ella Sophie gets better soon. Aunt Sarah is worried about her. Also, I have never been so proud of Jack as I was this past week. He has really stepped up and is becoming an amazing young man. He will make some young woman a great husband. Way to go Jackie. I'm glad you are feeling better. I have been really worried and I hated that I wasn't able to help you out. Love and prayers are still going out your way.


Beautiful batheing babes (and bubs)