Thursday, November 12, 2009

i can't be anything without you

my husband is amazing. he makes me laugh, cry, and feel good about myself. he is an excellent provider and an amazing friend and a super father. i cannot imagine any type of life without him, he fills in so many holes and gaps.

with that said, here's a little background. we are scrimping, saving, and praying for God to help us get a home in anson to help our lives be easier in all ways.

today i found out that my husband had secretly sold his beloved clarinet so we would have more money for our house fund.

i am rarely shocked or surprised by jere, he is pretty easy to read and very predictable. he's the kind of guy who can eat the same thing for breakfast every day and never get bored.

this floored me to my very core. jere's clarinet is like another appendage to him, it's part of him, it's the outlet for his inner creativity. i fall in love with him over and over every time i hear him play. when he told me what he had done i cried. i cried hard.

i cried because i would NEVER of ask him to do that, i cried because that was a sacrifice for him on many levels. i cried because once again he choose us, this motley family of too many kids, too many student loans, and too much work with very little pay over himself.

people tease him for marrying me. they ask him why. they ask him how he could have chosen me and those three kids; and he always answers them the same way.

because i love her.

i love you too.


vnessa6043 said...

now I'm crying. Love you all very much.

The Stearns Clan said...

Jere is the best brother-in-law EVER!!!!!

Andrea said...

now I'M crying, and I've never even MET you!

sweet post.

Indigo Children said...

so sweet :)

"because i love her."

the best reason i have ever heard :)


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