Tuesday, November 10, 2009


uncle dustin's helmet has been on every niece or nephews head!
well there is absolutely nothing going on here and life is bustling about pretty normally for a change. football season ended friday and basketball started yesterday. (blythe lost, a first for her Clyde has a much better BB team than Anson:(

i thought we might see the girls and jere more now that marching season is over but that really isn't the case. he's having to hang out in anson because of basketball. bummer. either they have to be at school by 6 am three days a week or they have to stay late two days of the week. i am seriously getting tired of this.

we really need to move and have begun the steps necessary to get from A to B so to speak. we're either going to buy or rent, we can't decide. he wants to buy, i want to rent (there's a lot to be said for NOT having to pay taxes, insurance, and for repairs on a house) plus i love the freedom of being able to move and change jobs with ease if we needed too.

jere loves his job and loves the small town feel of anson with the knowledge that we can drive 20 min and be in abilene with ease.

anyway, just pray for God's guidance in our lives to make the right decision.




Andrea said...

Moving is tough! Tom and I disagreed for years. He loved the apartment; I wanted a house. Take comfort in knowing that either direction you go, you'll probably both end up happy with a new place. Change is always difficult, but the reward comes in all the little fun surprises....ok, ok, there's a few non-fun surprises too. I got the house, but Tom came around quickly. You gotta make the husband think it was HIS idea in the first place. ;)

vnessa6043 said...

Cute, Cute, Cute. We are praying for you both to know what God wants you to do for only He knows what is going to happen tomorrow and for all tomorrows.
Love you all.

The Stearns Clan said...

Everything will be okay and just be patient. I hate my apartment but I know that it is not forever. Eventually, I will have the house of my dream. I am praying for you and hoping for the best. Love you guys!!


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