Wednesday, November 18, 2009


just a quick update for everyone.

we placed a bid on a house in anson, they accepted the bid, and we have now begun the incredibly long and tedious process of buying a house.

we are inspecting it tomorrow or friday (it is a HUGE fixer upper) and if there are too many problems we can still back out up until tuesday.

just a visual for you about our new home (prayfully)

remember the house in "It's a Wonderful Life," well just start calling Jere-George and me Mary. THAT'S how much love and attention this 3400 sq foot, 4 bed 3 bath, 3 fireplace home needs!

please pray, jere says if it comes down to any type of "hoop jumping" needed to get this house, we aren't going too. he believes that God's blessing means smooth sailing through this entire process.

hope your week is "sailing smoothly" as well.




vnessa6043 said...

Jere probaby knows this. It's a wonderful Life is one of my favorite movies. We are continuing to pray God's will.

The Stearns Clan said...

Hold him Harry!!

Fiver said...

sarah you are hilarious!!! and i love you and all your support!!!

now i have to cruise the internet to find that snl clip.

can't wait to see you this weekend


Indigo Children said...

you have our prayers.

your blog posts are not showing up on my reader for some i keep missing them :(

see you soon

Andrea said...

Funny! I'm gonna have to look up where Anson is...

This might be a really fun project for you guys. I think it's cool that it has three fireplaces! Sounds like a cool home for you and your family. Good Luck!


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