Saturday, November 27, 2010


well as you might have noticed i still do not have a computer (oh please oh please santa bring me one, i've been very good) but since i am at mom's i thought i would stop in and check on everyone.

things are going pretty good at our house. thankfully football season is over and i have my family back again! my semester at school is almost over. i take my content test on the 9th so please everyone pray for me to pass this.

life has been cruising along here. enjoy the pics and

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STACEY!! you are an incredible sister-in-law and friend and we miss you and love you very much. thank you for putting up with my brother :D

blessings and hope you are settling into your holiday groove,


those of pics of the car ride for Thanksgiving, halloween, kelsey and her beau, blythe wearing dad's suit, jack taking his little sister to the movies, and ella-sophie being sophie :D

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

sad :(

if you haven't heard yet our computer finally died or at least it appears to have two weeks ago. it's at uncle beau's right now and he's giving it his best to try to revive it this week. that is why i haven't been blogging much. it's just not too fun to do on your iphone and takes too much time. school is going alright but i am soooo ready for it to be over already!! i'll download pictures when i get a chance from my email but here's a quick video of my supercool and Jack the brave. enjoy! blessings, cole

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm here

Life is busy. Too busy for me in fact. Every aspect of my life is suffering from my lack of attention to everything/one. I hope to be back to normal after marching season at least. Studying for midterms this week and finishing up a portfolio, pray for my energy and attitude please.

Blessings and Love,


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

in the name of the father

truth, faith, peace
we three must be apart always
together we sit in the same chair

our value is equal
our work hard
our needs great
our roots the same

through life we must learn
to be one or
we are all lost

our core is incomplete
old, hollow, used, empty
together piece by piece
we fill the thirst and shut the beast

घाव ईश्वर boddhi कृपया हमारे मधुर शांति और मेरे भाई और उनके परिवार है ।

Friday, September 17, 2010



thank you for being such a great kid, you are an awesome big sister and a tremendous help to your father and i.

we couldn't be prouder or love you more!!


Monday, September 13, 2010

busy weekend

we had a really busy weekend. friday night was a game in quanah and homecoming in petrolia (where Zoe was the flowergirl in the homecoming court, super cute) then saturday to mom's for her birthday! as a birthday present to herself mom bought a new set of front loading, stackable washer and dryer. her dryer was 42 years old and the washer was about 25 years old so it was about time. her plans are for this set to last her til she dies :) it was actually really cool to see a load of laundry get washed and rinsed with a gallon of water and dried in 15 minutes. efficient and green, and she got the set on clearance for 800 bucks! amazing, way to go mom!!

we had a great time and for once i can honestly say that we're not too tired. it actually felt like a mini-vacation. i even did the driving for jere so he could rest. mom re-arranged and did some spring cleaning in preparation for the holidays and the house looks great. great job mom!

i'm a smidge behind for the week with school work, but since i am not babysitting today i hope to catch up. open house for the highschool is tonight, class tuesday all day, wednesday church and dr appt and we've got games on thursday and friday and trying to go to jere's grandparents 60th anniversary dinner while celebrating previous plans for kelsey's SEVENTEENTH birthday as well, OMGoodness!! i pray for each of you to have a great week and be healthy!!



Saturday, September 4, 2010

so very tired!

ok, last night was the first home game of the season for the ANSON TIGER BAND! the band was awesome as usual and the football team was disappointing. as usual. we were slaughtered 13 to 46 by stanford. so very sad :(

anyway, i worked the concession stand as it is one of my duties as secretary of the band boosters.

i am sooooo tired. i stood on my feet and served food for four and a half hours!!! i have no clue where my three youngest children were during that time either. it was a disaster and i had a very displeased husband around 10:30 when i finally met up with him and my children. by the time we cleaned, counted money, and re-stocked, loaded up the kids and got home it was after midnight and we didn't fall asleep until 1.

when the baby crawled up into our bed this morning i asked jere what time it was. NINE-THIRTY!!!! holy smokes batman and the rest of our children were still asleep. unbelievable.
today all we have done is eat, sleep, and rest (aka watch netflix :)

well long story short i think it is safe to say that for the rest of marching season that if the mccurdy's tend to be standoffish and unavailable on the weekends, you'll know why.

hope you are all resting up and enjoying this fabulous THREE-DAY WEEKEND!!



Sunday, August 29, 2010

Before the Week Starts

last week ended on a not so high note, but i think we are going to be fine. i WILL get the hang of my new schedule. i WILL get all my assignments completed for class, and i WILL keep myself spiritually uplifted through the help of my Lord and Savior AMEN!

"For He is Lord of lords and King of kings; and those who are with Him are called, chosen, and faithful." Revelation 17:14

i consider sunday's to be the actual first day of the week so with that said i WILL say that today has been a great day. jere took me for a date this afternoon. we went to sonic and got fried cheese sticks and onion rings, cokes, and went for a drive around the lake here in Anson. we talked for about an hour about nothing and everything and it was sooo nice. when we got home the kids were getting dinner ready and settling in for the night.

now with it only a little after 9 the two youngest are in bed, jackson is reading in his room, and the oldest girls are finishing up some homework and showering. all that is left for me to do tonight is shower and sleep and i am 100 percent positive that i can definitely handle that.

praying for your week as well as mine friends,


PS i just like this picture of jere and i, there are so few with just the two of us together without several children in the pictures :) the other is our bedroom with the new curtains i finished. i love them!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Busy Week

it's only tuesday and this week has already kicked my rear. i left the house at 6:45 with ella to drop off at day care so i could be in abilene for my 8 o'clock class. i got out of class at 11:45 picked up sophie at 12:30 ran errands until 2:30 and ran back into town for my 4 o'clock class.

i am finally home for the night, 179.1 miles later. jere and the girls were already at marching practice when i got home. jackson is watching the two little girls for an hour until i get home at 7:15.

i'm tired and grumpy. please pray that my attitude will change asap.

jere is so proud and excited (he tells me over and over) so i have got to get this negative attitude under control. we have band boosters thursday/friday nights and i am babysitting on monday's so i only have wednesday to get my homework and housework done.


ok, i'm done complaining. hope your week is going good and that God continues to bless you this week.


Sunday, August 22, 2010


well the kids are back home safe and sound and as of thursday night we began the tedious process of de-programming them and trying to re-establish a routine. all in all i would say that we have failed miserably at this since i just got isabel and jackson to bed around 10.

the older girls are still puttering around on their own but i have decided that they are almost 15 and 17 they know how much sleep they need and if they want to spend HOURS picking out their outfit for tomorrow i don't care. well i do, but they have got to learn some responsibility. besides we just spent the last two hours before bedtime (which is how jackson and isabel carefully and silently remained under my radar watching netflixs blissfully forgotten :) painting nails, grooming unruly eyebrows, and trimming bangs. i also put highlights in blythe's hair as well. i'm all prettied out tonight and pretty tired when i realized that i have not filled out all of jack's and belle's paperwork so i still need to finish that as well.

but again, all in all i am relieved to be settling into a schedule again and embrace both the school year and fall (oh PLEASE cool down soon) with open arms. i only have classes on tues/thursday so i am quite relieved that i don't have to deal with that in addition to getting the first day of school started off right.

btw, if you are wondering where my super husband is and why he hasn't been so helpful tonight, he is at work finishing up some last minute details for tomorrow. so he has really been missing all the fun!

i hope you all have a great week because i plan too. sophie is doing AWESOME and we are so thankful to God for that and for all the prayers we received from everyone!

blessings and love,


enjoy "our week in pictures"

Saturday, August 14, 2010

saturday night special

ok, i have a new friend, her name is amanda, (her blog is in my list of followers, i tried to add the link but apparently i'm not smart enough) well long story short, she is super cool crafty. i've been following her blog for a little over a month now and i'd be lying if i didn't say she has been inspiring me.

i have tried BOTH of her enchilada recipes and love her quilts, but i have to say what appeals to me most about her blog is her down to earth approach to domesticity along with the fact that making things like sheets and curtains is not just thrifty and practical but also allows me to begin to give my children a sense of tradition and to see the beauty in the everyday.

here's my cliche for the week "art is what you make of it". my mamaw wouldn't say there was any "art" to her canning abilities or making curtain, but she was sadly quite wrong. craft combined with functionality is the best kind of art a person could make.

i mean honestly what do i have that is worth "passing down" to my children. hmmm, some tupperware, old towels, and a kickin johnny dep poster from 1986. NOTHING! plus i want them to have a spirit of "I can MAKE that!" not "I can BUY that!"

i feel like tevye in fiddler on the roof, TRADITION!!! TRADITION!!

anyway, hope you are having a great weekend, i'm resting with our sick baby and attempting to make curtains for my new bedroom (don't tell mom!!)

oh yea and blythe called to let me know she started making her own jewelry this week. she said her siblings made fun of it, (they're basic but really sweet) but she called me because she knew, "momma you'll like them, i made them all by myself." almost 15 and i still get to hear, "i made it all by myself," precious!!

blessings and love,


PS- the picture of the dogs has nothing to do with anything i just thought they were cute (from left to right- Olive, Gigi, and Jake)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


i have been wanting to redo our bedroom for forever, but could never quite find anything that would incorporate my motley collection of antiques along with my retro sense of design. well long story short mom and i searched and searched and searched and shopped and shopped and shopped and found NOTHING!!

it was so disappointing and then we looked where i NEVER shop (mom's idea)KMART!! yes we still have kmarts in abilene and found everything i wanted. mom was super supportive of my wild room and helped me put the look all together. (THANKS MOM)

i put the whole room together while jere was at work (including painting) to surprise him. and he LOVED it.

he is the best, but i knew he would like it because i ask him a long time ago when we first married and were looking for bedroom stuff what he liked and if he would have an aversion to something feminine. his response?

him-"will you be sleeping with me in it?"
me- "of course why wouldn't i be?"
him-"as long as you are in it, i don't care if has sesame street on it."

did i mention that i really like him alot?

have a great week,


Sunday, August 1, 2010

my babies

the kids made it safely to new york. they were quite excited but called and said their "i love you's" we probably won't hear from them again for another week.

thank you for all your prayers and good thoughts.

keep me lifted in the next 18 days until they are home safe.

blessings for a good week for you all,


Thursday, July 29, 2010


the kids are getting ready to leave for New York on sunday morning very early. i begin the countdown for a slight depression to start. i know i know. if you know you are going to get depressed start fighting it now, i will.

i hate when the kids leave me. i hate when they have to go away, but i won't deny them their bio father. it still upsets me every year. this year thankfully they will only be gone for 18 days, so i think i can handle that.

pray for their safety and a fun time, they have a connecting flight in boston and that makes me nervous, though i know kelsey can handle it. all three of my oldest are pretty brilliant.

on a lighter note, priscilla and terah are staying with us this week and we are having a good time. we will be taking the kids to six flags before they leave and they are excited. i'll be potty training ella starting next week as well. so as you can see august should be a great month!!

blessings and love to you all,


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


i have to go to the business office at hsu to "finalize" my semester with them. i have paid for and secured some new loans (very sad about this but it had to be done), signed up for classes (you do not want to know my opinion of pedagogy classes) and from the student side i am ready for classes on the 23rd. i love being a college student.

from the mommy/wife side i am not. not even close.

i am terrified of leaving ella, i didn't really want to put her in any type of day care until she was at least 3 also on tuesday's i will not see her or isabel at all as i am in class until noon and back at class at 4 (i'll have to leave here at 3:15 to get there on time) they will be in bed by the time i am home. i am very torn right now :(

the good news (this is what jere keeps saying over and over and over and over) is that i will be done in may and can student teach or actually have a job next fall. i will probably be able to get the job since jere's principal has been on me from day one to teach for him (i taught his kids at Cornerstone) and he has been just as encouraging as jere about me teaching again.

i see all the opportunities and i KNOW what this could do for our family financially. i mean a TWO income family would be amazing and deep down that has always been our goal. i just want to make sure that i am not rushing ahead too fast or hard. i love my "job" here at home and do not want to go back to the hectic schedule of me being gone and the house falling apart around me ;(

pray for us please. i need peace and guidance right now.

blessings and a good week to you all,


Sunday, July 18, 2010

summer vacation is awesome

left for a personal vacation without anyone except for izzy and ella. headed to mom's and have done nothing since i got here!!!

reading, writing, doing nothing, and loving it!!!

waiting on jere and the three oldest to get to mom's

getting ready to go see my in-laws this week for some r&r and six flags.

san antonio honeymoon time with jere next week

and hopefully going to my bro and sis-in-law in waco soon for more down time and good food!!

kids are leaving for new york the 1st-18th!! i'm excited for them.


hope your summer is still plugging along as well as mine

blessings and love,


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Leah!!

i'm so sorry little leah. leah's birthday is right after izzy's and as a result her aunt nicole forgot to mention her in the blog.


We love you!

Uncle Jere, Aunt Nicole, Kelsey, Blythe, Jackson, Isabel, and Ella-Sophie

Sunday, July 11, 2010

i've got the iphone blues

a society that pursues pleasure runs the risk of raising expectations ever higher, so that true contentment always lies tantalizingly out of reach-Philip Yancey

so i have been without my iphone for almost a week now. i have not died yet :), but the urge to just lay down and pout has been one i have fought since i got rid of it. (we sold it on craigslist for 225 bucks, can you believe somebody actually PAID me that-jere's idea :)

my beloved has purchased both of us new iphone 4's but APPLE apparently didn't think there would be such an OUTPOURING for the new phone. so alas i have to wait 7-14 days for my new phone. in the mean time i must use my horrible out of date razer (gasp!) i guess i'll live, poor pitiful me!!!

ok i'm done, i guess i'll stop since not having my iphone for 2 weeks doesn't really compare with say . . .

no food, no clean water, no electricity, no running water, no proper medications or even health care, not having a roof over my head . . .

i could go on forever because the plight of every third world country makes my little rant quite ridiculous and uncalled for :)

so with that said have a blessed week, recycle something, learn something new, give a homeless person some money, donate your time for a good cause, plant something, build something, strive to be better people. we intend too!!


Sunday, July 4, 2010

I'm back!!

things have been so crazy since school let out. first isabel, then blythe graduated from kindergarten and 8th grade, then kelsey went to state uil solo and ensenmble and brought home the GOLD. then we went to sherman for my niece audrey's high school graduation and put in a new ceramic tile bathroom floor for marmee, from there we began the tedious process of remodeling and adding on another room (hooray for jackson) to our house, isabel lost two teeth, ella-sophie turned two, and then on for a quick family vacation in saginaw and three days (in a row!) at six flags (thank you grandma for watching ella-sophie)oh yeah and rescued two baby skunks!!

june was NUTS

the first week of July didn't fare much better. jere had the rodeo in stamford from wed-fri with us hosting the WORLD FAMOUS HSU COWBOY BAND for dinner at our home, which would not have been THAT big of deal except that thanks to alex it was raining so we had all SIXTY people in our home. but honestly it was a BLAST!!

saturday was isabel's 6th birthday and ending that nuttiness was dustin and stacie visiting with three of their kids for the 4th. but all in all an incredible week and we truly had a great time!

i plan on doing a better job blogging for the month of july and thank you all for the break off in june :)



ps these are just a few pictures from this past month. praying for all of you to be having a wonderful summer and an even better 4th!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


the past few weeks have been insane from band field trips to izzy's kindergarten graduation we have been running non-stop and putting little ones to bed each night around 10 and dragging them up 7:15 ish and having them eat breakfast at school. every day this week all of the kids (sans kelsey) have taken an afterschool nap.

i will post more pics later.

hope you're starting your summer out right!!!


Monday, May 10, 2010

proms and dances

this weekend was crazy, both girls had important dates on their calenders.

blythe had her 8th grade banquet and awards program thursday night and kelsey had prom on friday night.

jere and i accompanied blythe to her banquet along with her uncle beau and aunt mel, which by the way in my day our Sunday best was good enough. the boys were in tuxes and the girls were in prom dresses, it was crazy, but i think she had a great time.

kelsey's prom was actually held at a "swanky" club in abilene. we chauffeured as it is illegal for drivers under 18 to drive after midnight and they wanted to go to ihop afterwards. we had a great time.

we also opened our home up to any kid that had nothing to do after the prom and didn't want to go home (or have sex, drink, or anything else inappropriate for sixteen year olds). we ended up with about thirteen kids drinking virgin daiquiris, pina coladas, and margaritas while playing wii and being loud. jere drove all the boys home (they left their cars at our house) and 4 girls spent the night with us.

we felt pretty privileged that the kids not only liked our idea of hanging out at the mccurds, but that they also included jere and i in the mix. we had fun with the kids too. all in all i think it was a good night, though my days of staying up til three a.m. are long over. we fixed a great big family breakfast, took the rest of the girls home, and watched jack's soccer game. all in all a pretty busy, but great weekend.

i hope yours was just as much fun!

happy monday,


btw, that's matt with blythe and andy with kelsey

Thursday, May 6, 2010

happy anniversary jere

it's been seven years . . .

five houses . . .

four cars . . .

three jobs . . .

two babies . . .


one heart leading two minds.

thank you for making me yours. i love you very much and can honestly say sooo soo much more now than that funny may day when you showed up at my tiny apartment unexpectedly, smiling and sweet. you said, "do you want to get married today," i said (in jeans and a tank top with no shoes), "sure why not, but i have to be at work at noon." you said, "we better hurry we have a 10:45 appointment with Judge Kenny Kirkland." i realized then that you were serious.

sometimes the best moments in life have no real pomp or circumstance. i thought i needed those things but that's just not you. you said loving me and being loved by me was enough for you always. i didn't believe you then, it just seemed too simple.

simple- not complex or complicated, having few parts; elementary; childlike; bare.

that's our marriage, easy, not complicated or complex, with only one true part when it's stripped down bare.


i love you jeremiah wayne, happy anniversary

Monday, May 3, 2010

happy birthday mr. mccurdy

happy birthday babe to a wonderful husband, father, friend, band director, son, son-in-law, brother, brother-in-law, human being, MAN!

hope you are enjoying your mlb app and new socks and underwear :)

you are wonderful and special and very much wanted, needed, appreciated, and LOVED!

nicole, kelsey, blythe, jackson, isabel, and ella-sophie


Beautiful batheing babes (and bubs)