Thursday, January 7, 2010

daddy and his babes

my huband paid me quite a compliment the other day. he claims he is no good at romantics, but he's a liar. Ok, he might be a bit right about that one. if he tries the clichey valentiney junk he knows i'm not going to fall for it, he claims i'm a bit caulous, whatever.

but every once in a while he says something on an idle tueday night straight from his heart and it makes me smile.

here's the scene . . .

just put both littlest girls to bed from baths, jammies, teeth brushing, story reading, and prayers. we are now in the kitchen helping with homework (blythe) listening to teen's days events (kelsey) and watching cool new magic tricks (jackson) all while beginning to load dishwasher and clean kitchen.

the mommy (that's me) turns to put skillets back into stove and the daddy (that's jere) turns her around and hugs her tight gives her a kiss and says, "thank you for making a home with me."

i really like my husband :)

hope your week is going well and you are feeling the blessings of the New Year already!



The Stearns Clan said...

Oh, way to go Jere. You are the best. I am glad that God brought Jere to your life and the kids. I love the pictures too.

Danell said...

Love the post... how incredibly sweet! Have a great week and weekend :)

Indigo Children said...


so sweet.

hope all is well with you guys -- glad you are blogging -- I have missed hearing about the Fiver family.

vnessa6043 said...

I can barely see blythe. But my grandbabies are all beautiful and sweet like their Mommy and Daddy.
I love you all.

Andrea said...

That pretty much takes the cake! What an honest reflection of how he feels about you. Absolutely beautiful!

I love the picture of Josh, Jere, and Jackson--very cool!

Now, where have I been? I've missed so many great pictures you've uploaded to your blog. The family photo in the snow is unbelievable! Great smiles from everyone.


Beautiful batheing babes (and bubs)