Thursday, January 21, 2010

happy friday's eve from ella-sophie

i know it seems like i only have one child sometimes, but i also did not have an iphone 3gs with all my other children!

but just so my other children know how important they are here's a quick update

kelsey- placed first in talent show singing "blackbird," accompanied by her father on guitar. i sing this song to each one of my babies after they are born so i teared up a little bit. it stings just a bit as they mature, it doesn't hurt, but you notice.

blythe- recovering well from her mysterious abcess that had her in the hospital from the 1st-3rd of this month. she honestly needs to take an entire year off from sports but that's not happening in the mean time she's living off steroid injections to her knees (they are starting to look like my brothers) sometimes i really think i should have named HER jack.

jackson- turned 10 this week and feeling fine. he has cut himself TWICE with his new manly pocketknife courtesy of his uncle andrew. andrew promises next year he'll get him either a gun or a stripper, you know whichever i think is more age appropriate (sigh).

isabel- is still a mess! someone told her she looks like snow white and now she has determined that we are holding her back from her full princess potential??? she has never even SEEN snow white. so she wants to wear dresses, grow her hair, wear her sunday shoes EVERYWHERE, and of course sing to our dog since snow white sings to the forrest animals.

anyway that's it for the mccurdy's.

hope this blog finds you all well and feeling doubly blessed

with love


ps welcome Gianna Katherine Morrow into our family, congrats to Mike, Brook, and Fallon Nicole.

oh yeah and welcome Olive Bess(mom's new pek) to Marmee :)


Indigo Children said...

awesome sliding and cheering.

congrats to Kelsey on first place!

i agree that you are holding Isabel back from her full princess potential ;) (you can tell her I said that).

I cannot believe that Jack is 10 -- also cannot believe you let him have a pocketknife (ouch).

hope blythe's knee gets better soon. Dude's have been acting up since he has been "helping" the girls with basketball.

Welcome to the new Morrows (love the names). Is a pek a pekingese? Did your mom get a dog?

Fiver said...

yes marmee got a new dog and yes it is a rescue pekingese. apparently 3 weeks ago the graham pd raided a puppy mill there and convescated over 80 dogs living in rabbit hutches.

olive is special and needs special help for now aka she's not really a grandchildren dog YET.

she's never even been in grass till mom got her or seen the sky, very sad.

Anonymous said...

olives name is olive bess

vnessa6043 said...

I wish grandma could see every talent show, program, game my grandchildren or in. Very proud of you Kelsey. And by the way aren't all my granddaughters princesses.
Love you all. God Bless You.

Who is Gianna Katherine Morrow???

Fiver said...

to Vanessa, Gianna is my cousin Michael's new baby girl born last monday. Michael is my dad's big brother's (my Uncle Dick)son. Mike is from January to December older than me and is a real sweetheart. Their oldest just turned 2 and she is sooo cute.


The Stearns Clan said...

I am so proud of all of my nieces and newphews. I miss you guys so much and I am planning on seeing you soon. I hope that Blythe stays well. I also can't wait to see Olive Bess. I love you guys!!


Beautiful batheing babes (and bubs)