Tuesday, February 9, 2010

idle tuesday

well it's tuesday and i have nothing to report.

this weekend was INSANE. i took 6 middle school girls out shopping for their 8th grade dance dresses. we did find 4 of the 6 girls dresses for under 25 bucks (75% off thank you very much Dillards and Bealls) two of the little girls come from very nice homes (i say this with a smurk on my face in a nice way :) and their parents were AMAZED with my shopping prowess.

umm DUH! i'm a SAHM with FIVE children and a second year band director's salary. HELLO i have to be a smart shopper. honestly i'm amazed at the amount of people who will not take the time to be a saavy shopper.

if they were impressed with that they should see me in sam's or goodwill! i kid i kid. it's nice to be appreciated for something that is second nature for me. i have my incredibly educated yet poor (oops let's be PC sorry insert "thrifty" here) parents to thank for that eh mum?

since times have become so tight i have been amazing my children on a regular basis with prom findings (got kelsey's dress regularly 126 for 16 at dillards, i'll probably have to spend more on shoes for her big 9 1/2 feet) home-cooked meals (it's cheaper and hey it tastes better) and lavish homemade family nights (movie trilogys, stove-top popcorn with real butter, and margaritas sans alcohol)

and you know what?

i couldn't be happier. it's a tight time, but it's our time and i wouldn't change it. hopefully they are learning about what really counts in life.

cliche anyone?

"we may not have it all together but TOGETHER we have it all"

i sure think so, have a great tuesday,


BTW-i think i fixed the problem with the video, hopefully anyway :)


The Stearns Clan said...

Sounds like good times all around. I am glad that your family is doing well and you guys are making it. I can't wait to see the girls in their prom dresses, I know they will be beautiful. Gosh, they grow up so fast. Love you guys and see you soon.

Indigo Children said...

sounds perfect to me :)

Danell said...

Great post, love it! I would like to be a little better at shopping, I guess I need some tips :) And cooking, I'm just not into it right now, used to love it, but not so much anymore. Sounds like you are doing great, love you guys!

Fiver said...

Hooray!!! Danell is back!!!!!

You've been missed!!!




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