Tuesday, February 2, 2010

kelsey's growth problem

when did she get so mature looking and when did i get so old and so fat? and more importantly does anyone else think i look just like my MOTHER? how did that happen? i mean i knew i was starting to sound like her and i'm a bit OCD like her but honestly we're practically clones mom!!!! (i say this not that it's bad thing, just a casual observation mother.)

ok, ok, i digress, that's not what i was going to talk to you about.

my super mature daughter has been sporting a new growth for the past three months. it appears to be benign and everyone tells me it's harmless, but i don't know yet. jere wants to have it removed asap, but i think that it will only make it worse. this growth is becoming very much a part of her recently.

it's name


he's 16 and a sophomore (she's 16 and a junior and "doesn't care") he owns a nice truck, he plays in the band, basketball, and track, his father's a county judge, and his sisters are both at ACU. he always says please and thank you and appears to be a decent kid.

i don't know. we finally decided to allow kelsey the opportunity to date and it's much harder than i thought it would be. the good news is he thinks our family is pretty neat and likes coming over here and playing games (he's never played dominoes :) watching movies ("you haven't seen the -Lord of the Rings- trilogy?") and thinks my homemade pizza is the best (but seriously who doesn't?)

so i guess all in all things are alright. both of them are A students and are not discipline problems and pretty responsible. i suppose for me i'm just waiting for the first real round of heartbreak and despair that will eventually come in some form or another. i want to spare her from any hurt but i know that this is all a growing and learning process. we all have to experience this in some fashion. i hope between now and then God gives me some wisdom and kindness to handle anything that comes our way.

i'm almost positive He will :)

in the mean time i guess i'll just sit back and watch and let her live, experience, and relate. (without me holding her hand the whole way :)




Indigo Children said...

boyfriends are tough to deal with.

i must say teenage boys are not my favorite people in general -- even when they are nice. they are generally goofy and self-centered, but I am surviving, having them over, being polite, trying not to be rude after they are out of our lives again.

hope kelsey is having fun. i am sure you will get all the patience you require to deal with whatever comes your way. enjoy the time :)

The Stearns Clan said...

I am not there yet, but I know that the time of boyfriends is not to far away. Hopefully I will be patient and understanding, but I probably won't. ;-) Like you said, he is a good kid and it could be worse. I love you guys and tell Raggedy I said hi.

Laughter said...

He is such a sweetheart really. And I can honestly say he is not self centered. Mama would have knocked that out of him already!

Laughter said...

Hey now Andy is pretty darn nifty!


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