Monday, March 22, 2010

new house deets

these are for my sis-in-law

i will post more when i have the house in better shape, it's all boxes, bags, and piles right now. the backyard is the best, it's huge because the house sits on 2 lots on the corner.

we repainted the outside almost as soon as we moved in and restored the original awnings on the front of the house. (the previous owner was throwing them away and my wonderful husband who knows me too well, told him, "i'm almost 100% my wife will want those." and he was right.

it is now red and black because i love red, my kitchen is all red as well.

but if you're an Anson Tiger Band fan, then it's red for you
if you're a Texas Tech fan then it's for you

or you can be just like me and love it cause it's ours :)

all rooms floors have been restored to ORIGINAL hardwood floors (yes mom I know one day I'll be old and I'll want carpet and not an old cold floor)
each room has been retextured and painted (different hues of cream and yellow with the exception of the living room which is the PALEST seafoam color called "air")
2 bathrooms (my bathtub is PINK but very retro for the 50's LOVES IT!!)and a
HUGE kitchen

thanks honey, i love it!!!

hope your monday went well!!!



Indigo Children said...

i LOVE it. -- the red door, the red awnings, the red kitchen (very happy look). the front yard looks huge, and those look like new appliances in the kitchen :)

what a lovely new home -- so happy for you guys.

i can't wait to see it in person.

Fiver said...

thanks stace,

can't wait for you guys to get to see it, of course would love to come and see you guys soon.

we never really had any vacay to speak of with the move consuming all of spring break.

love you


The Stearns Clan said...

Again I am happy for you guys and I also love the Red. My favorite color!!


Beautiful batheing babes (and bubs)