Wednesday, April 7, 2010

i'm mad

well i just returned from my 60 mile round trip trek this morning. i still have jack and belle in abilene at cornerstone til the end of the week. we have decided with rising gas prices (2.75 here avg.) that we can no longer afford the drive each day (2 times so 120 for the day) to abilene so our children can continue going to school there.

i have even started driving jere's 1995 mazda 626 back and forth to try to save as it gets about 28-32 on the hwy. for those of you who don't know i HATE that little car with a passion. my beloved expedition sits cold and unused. (btw i defend my right to own that gas guzzler as unlike most texans i actually DO have enough people to fit in it unlike the classic family of 4 that usually own these monsters!) it's not even practical for me to drive the montana either.

i'm very angry

why is it i live in the great state of texas one of the largest producers of oil in the WORLD and i have to pay out my rear for gas? this is totally unacceptable. my husband and i do everything we can to be smart and frugal with our money.

from cloth diapers to home cooked meals, our children take their lunches to school, i shop clearance racks (only if we really need something new like shoes or jeans) the rest i purchase at garage sales and good will. and i have NO PROBLEM with this. in fact i love to brag about how much i don't spend on what we as consumers deem NECESSARY!

but i can't buy gas on the clearance rack can i?

i am not a "die hard republican" nor am i a "die hard democrat", oh how i hate those terms, i'm a DIE HARD AMERICAN who deserves to be treated better.

we live off 40K a year with 5 kids, we recycle, we don't waste, we don't have cable, hell (that's right i said hell) my electric bill is NEVER more than 150 bucks (that's what windows are for people ask your grandparents they survived without central heat and air you can too) i haven't had star bucks in 2 years and i'm alive! my kids say, "yes sir and no sir," my shoes are 3 years old and my car's even older! WE ARE TRYING!

so with that said . . .

lower my gas price Mr. President and all you "die Hard," republicans or democrats or just sad sold-out politicians.

that is all



Indigo Children said...


lower them please.

i noticed they went up just in time for spring travel :(

Anonymous said...

Wow I love the new picture of the McCurdy girls!! Love you,


Beautiful batheing babes (and bubs)