Saturday, April 24, 2010

mullican family cookbook

so everyone knows i kept the retro 1953 kitchen just the way it was built for mrs. merry green when she and her husband had the house built. my neighbors said ms. merry LOVED red and was so proud of that kitchen.

well for me, i'm just a bit eccentric or eclectic i suppose (chalk it up to who raised me) and i just like the kitchen cause i like red and i like unique, two things my kitchen is.

anyway decorating it has been a bit of a challenge since it's so retro and since we spent all our money getting into the house i have not been allowed to really go buy new YET. i've been forced to use what i already have lying around. so with that said i actually was using a family cookbook as a decoration, it looked vintagey (is that a word?) so i thought it would work.

the other night for some reason i opened it up and started cruising the pages. well i honestly wasn't that inspired by any of the sections until i got to the dessert section.

page after page of butter, sugar, chocolaty confections. i started with the 1-pound pound cake. 10 EGGS LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, 1 POUND OF BUTTER! it was awesome. from there i went to my aunt besh's brownie in a bowl. jere said he could actually feel each tooth individually tingling courtesy of the 2 cups of sugar and karo syrup. i finished with my mamaw's peanut butter crunch yet another concoction comprised mostly of sugar and karo syrup!!

it was wonderful and delicious and fun.

i told the kids about all the sweets my mamaw used to make us. the chex mix, dill weed toast, lemon squares, pudding cakes, and coca-cola sheet cakes. about her shredded wheat breakfast in a tall glass and crackers and cokes for lunch. about her ironing clothes for money and us playing in a laundry mat all day. about collecting pop tops from cokes to wear as rings and later that day watching andy griffith and wheel of fortune.

i hadn't thought about all that stuff for a long time. isn't it nice to know that the older you get the more the good memories outweigh the bad ones in life?

hope your weekend is great!



vnessa6043 said...

I thought it was all a very unique way of decorating and looked interesting. Who would have thought the old toys which do by the way all have a little red color to in them would look nice in your kitchen. And yes, as we get older the good memories do seem to overide the bad. Isn't God good to us

The Stearns Clan said...

I miss dill weed toast. We need to make some of that stuff this summer. You brought back some really good memories, and I like that with time you do forget the bad and embrace the good more often. I love your red kitchen and, of course, red is my favorite color. You have done a wonderful job with your new house and I am so proud of you and Jere and all that you have accomplished. I love you guys mucho and hopefully I will see you soon.

Indigo Children said...

i think it looks perfect there (and I love the red too!).

Thanks for sharing your memories :)

you painted a lovely picture.


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