Thursday, April 29, 2010

update on the two gimps :)

well we came out of surgery just fine, with the exception of a (nurse's words) drastic drop in blood pressure, (which she recovered from quite quickly) everything went swell. tuesday wasn't so bad, but yesterday was awful.

the good news is they removed tons and tons of scar tissue and it was not her (sp) meniscus like they had originally thought. just scar tissue buildup from over use while injured, over and over again attaching itself to the nerves causing constant bruising and swelling. When we are fully recovered and rehabilitated (in 2 months) she will be as good as new and ready to go back to every sport available for a FRESHMAN in high school (oh my goodness gracious)

this is a picture from tuesday afternoon when she came home. as you can see i now have two out on the injured list, or as jere puts it, we have two red-shirted out on the bench. that blue blob in the front is her ice bag sitting on top of her "tens" machine and the bandaging, and of course that big blue blob is kelsey's sling. we are in a cast until friday and then we get the stitches out. whoopee!!! hopefully he will choose not to recast so she can go to prom, six flags, schliterbahns, and san antonio unhindered.

thanks for all your prayers!!!

and happy thursday,


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The Stearns Clan said...

I am glad that everyone is feeling better. I am also happy that Blythe will be able to play sports next year. I can't believe that she is going to be a Freshman next year. They are getting so big, and of course I am getting so old. Sigh, they are not allowed to grow up. Oh well, I love and miss you guys and I will continue to pray for a speedy recovery for all.


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