Thursday, May 6, 2010

happy anniversary jere

it's been seven years . . .

five houses . . .

four cars . . .

three jobs . . .

two babies . . .


one heart leading two minds.

thank you for making me yours. i love you very much and can honestly say sooo soo much more now than that funny may day when you showed up at my tiny apartment unexpectedly, smiling and sweet. you said, "do you want to get married today," i said (in jeans and a tank top with no shoes), "sure why not, but i have to be at work at noon." you said, "we better hurry we have a 10:45 appointment with Judge Kenny Kirkland." i realized then that you were serious.

sometimes the best moments in life have no real pomp or circumstance. i thought i needed those things but that's just not you. you said loving me and being loved by me was enough for you always. i didn't believe you then, it just seemed too simple.

simple- not complex or complicated, having few parts; elementary; childlike; bare.

that's our marriage, easy, not complicated or complex, with only one true part when it's stripped down bare.


i love you jeremiah wayne, happy anniversary


The Stearns Clan said...

Happy Anniversary Jere and Nicole. I love you guys and I feel honored that I have been a part of your lives. I wish you nothing but hapiness and love over the next sixty years. You guys are the best.

Love Always

Anonymous said...

Thank you for remembering Sarah!!

Cole and curl

Anonymous said...

Spoken very well. Happy Anniversary! I lov eyou both.

Indigo Children said...

Happy (late) Anniversary to you guys and Happy (late) birthday to Jere. Wishing you many more years of happiness together :)

Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.


Beautiful batheing babes (and bubs)