Thursday, July 29, 2010


the kids are getting ready to leave for New York on sunday morning very early. i begin the countdown for a slight depression to start. i know i know. if you know you are going to get depressed start fighting it now, i will.

i hate when the kids leave me. i hate when they have to go away, but i won't deny them their bio father. it still upsets me every year. this year thankfully they will only be gone for 18 days, so i think i can handle that.

pray for their safety and a fun time, they have a connecting flight in boston and that makes me nervous, though i know kelsey can handle it. all three of my oldest are pretty brilliant.

on a lighter note, priscilla and terah are staying with us this week and we are having a good time. we will be taking the kids to six flags before they leave and they are excited. i'll be potty training ella starting next week as well. so as you can see august should be a great month!!

blessings and love to you all,


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


i have to go to the business office at hsu to "finalize" my semester with them. i have paid for and secured some new loans (very sad about this but it had to be done), signed up for classes (you do not want to know my opinion of pedagogy classes) and from the student side i am ready for classes on the 23rd. i love being a college student.

from the mommy/wife side i am not. not even close.

i am terrified of leaving ella, i didn't really want to put her in any type of day care until she was at least 3 also on tuesday's i will not see her or isabel at all as i am in class until noon and back at class at 4 (i'll have to leave here at 3:15 to get there on time) they will be in bed by the time i am home. i am very torn right now :(

the good news (this is what jere keeps saying over and over and over and over) is that i will be done in may and can student teach or actually have a job next fall. i will probably be able to get the job since jere's principal has been on me from day one to teach for him (i taught his kids at Cornerstone) and he has been just as encouraging as jere about me teaching again.

i see all the opportunities and i KNOW what this could do for our family financially. i mean a TWO income family would be amazing and deep down that has always been our goal. i just want to make sure that i am not rushing ahead too fast or hard. i love my "job" here at home and do not want to go back to the hectic schedule of me being gone and the house falling apart around me ;(

pray for us please. i need peace and guidance right now.

blessings and a good week to you all,


Sunday, July 18, 2010

summer vacation is awesome

left for a personal vacation without anyone except for izzy and ella. headed to mom's and have done nothing since i got here!!!

reading, writing, doing nothing, and loving it!!!

waiting on jere and the three oldest to get to mom's

getting ready to go see my in-laws this week for some r&r and six flags.

san antonio honeymoon time with jere next week

and hopefully going to my bro and sis-in-law in waco soon for more down time and good food!!

kids are leaving for new york the 1st-18th!! i'm excited for them.


hope your summer is still plugging along as well as mine

blessings and love,


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Leah!!

i'm so sorry little leah. leah's birthday is right after izzy's and as a result her aunt nicole forgot to mention her in the blog.


We love you!

Uncle Jere, Aunt Nicole, Kelsey, Blythe, Jackson, Isabel, and Ella-Sophie

Sunday, July 11, 2010

i've got the iphone blues

a society that pursues pleasure runs the risk of raising expectations ever higher, so that true contentment always lies tantalizingly out of reach-Philip Yancey

so i have been without my iphone for almost a week now. i have not died yet :), but the urge to just lay down and pout has been one i have fought since i got rid of it. (we sold it on craigslist for 225 bucks, can you believe somebody actually PAID me that-jere's idea :)

my beloved has purchased both of us new iphone 4's but APPLE apparently didn't think there would be such an OUTPOURING for the new phone. so alas i have to wait 7-14 days for my new phone. in the mean time i must use my horrible out of date razer (gasp!) i guess i'll live, poor pitiful me!!!

ok i'm done, i guess i'll stop since not having my iphone for 2 weeks doesn't really compare with say . . .

no food, no clean water, no electricity, no running water, no proper medications or even health care, not having a roof over my head . . .

i could go on forever because the plight of every third world country makes my little rant quite ridiculous and uncalled for :)

so with that said have a blessed week, recycle something, learn something new, give a homeless person some money, donate your time for a good cause, plant something, build something, strive to be better people. we intend too!!


Sunday, July 4, 2010

I'm back!!

things have been so crazy since school let out. first isabel, then blythe graduated from kindergarten and 8th grade, then kelsey went to state uil solo and ensenmble and brought home the GOLD. then we went to sherman for my niece audrey's high school graduation and put in a new ceramic tile bathroom floor for marmee, from there we began the tedious process of remodeling and adding on another room (hooray for jackson) to our house, isabel lost two teeth, ella-sophie turned two, and then on for a quick family vacation in saginaw and three days (in a row!) at six flags (thank you grandma for watching ella-sophie)oh yeah and rescued two baby skunks!!

june was NUTS

the first week of July didn't fare much better. jere had the rodeo in stamford from wed-fri with us hosting the WORLD FAMOUS HSU COWBOY BAND for dinner at our home, which would not have been THAT big of deal except that thanks to alex it was raining so we had all SIXTY people in our home. but honestly it was a BLAST!!

saturday was isabel's 6th birthday and ending that nuttiness was dustin and stacie visiting with three of their kids for the 4th. but all in all an incredible week and we truly had a great time!

i plan on doing a better job blogging for the month of july and thank you all for the break off in june :)



ps these are just a few pictures from this past month. praying for all of you to be having a wonderful summer and an even better 4th!!


Beautiful batheing babes (and bubs)