Tuesday, July 20, 2010


i have to go to the business office at hsu to "finalize" my semester with them. i have paid for and secured some new loans (very sad about this but it had to be done), signed up for classes (you do not want to know my opinion of pedagogy classes) and from the student side i am ready for classes on the 23rd. i love being a college student.

from the mommy/wife side i am not. not even close.

i am terrified of leaving ella, i didn't really want to put her in any type of day care until she was at least 3 also on tuesday's i will not see her or isabel at all as i am in class until noon and back at class at 4 (i'll have to leave here at 3:15 to get there on time) they will be in bed by the time i am home. i am very torn right now :(

the good news (this is what jere keeps saying over and over and over and over) is that i will be done in may and can student teach or actually have a job next fall. i will probably be able to get the job since jere's principal has been on me from day one to teach for him (i taught his kids at Cornerstone) and he has been just as encouraging as jere about me teaching again.

i see all the opportunities and i KNOW what this could do for our family financially. i mean a TWO income family would be amazing and deep down that has always been our goal. i just want to make sure that i am not rushing ahead too fast or hard. i love my "job" here at home and do not want to go back to the hectic schedule of me being gone and the house falling apart around me ;(

pray for us please. i need peace and guidance right now.

blessings and a good week to you all,



Anonymous said...

I do pray for you all very often and will be glad to help as much as possible from 180 miles away. I will be praying about a good care taker for ella. I love you and I know this is gonna be hard, yet if there is a peace about it than it will work out to your good. Grandma

misscellophane said...

I know it's going to be challenging and it's going to be tough, but Jere's right, it will be quick and it will all be done with soon enough. Also, this is going to mean something else for you that you're not used to - PEOPLE MAY HAVE TO HELP YOU! I know you're pretty self-reliant when it comes to your family, but allow people to help you so you can succeed! This will be good for all of you. You can help your family more by getting this degree and getting a legit job. It's time. You can do it!

Fiver said...

thanks Vanessa and Mel. I know it will be ok, it's only for 9 months, I can do that standing on my head, I just hope my kids can too.


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