Sunday, July 4, 2010

I'm back!!

things have been so crazy since school let out. first isabel, then blythe graduated from kindergarten and 8th grade, then kelsey went to state uil solo and ensenmble and brought home the GOLD. then we went to sherman for my niece audrey's high school graduation and put in a new ceramic tile bathroom floor for marmee, from there we began the tedious process of remodeling and adding on another room (hooray for jackson) to our house, isabel lost two teeth, ella-sophie turned two, and then on for a quick family vacation in saginaw and three days (in a row!) at six flags (thank you grandma for watching ella-sophie)oh yeah and rescued two baby skunks!!

june was NUTS

the first week of July didn't fare much better. jere had the rodeo in stamford from wed-fri with us hosting the WORLD FAMOUS HSU COWBOY BAND for dinner at our home, which would not have been THAT big of deal except that thanks to alex it was raining so we had all SIXTY people in our home. but honestly it was a BLAST!!

saturday was isabel's 6th birthday and ending that nuttiness was dustin and stacie visiting with three of their kids for the 4th. but all in all an incredible week and we truly had a great time!

i plan on doing a better job blogging for the month of july and thank you all for the break off in june :)



ps these are just a few pictures from this past month. praying for all of you to be having a wonderful summer and an even better 4th!!

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Grandma said...

Love the pictures! Isn't it time for Six Flags again. Hope to see you all soon. Love you all Grandma


Beautiful batheing babes (and bubs)