Sunday, July 11, 2010

i've got the iphone blues

a society that pursues pleasure runs the risk of raising expectations ever higher, so that true contentment always lies tantalizingly out of reach-Philip Yancey

so i have been without my iphone for almost a week now. i have not died yet :), but the urge to just lay down and pout has been one i have fought since i got rid of it. (we sold it on craigslist for 225 bucks, can you believe somebody actually PAID me that-jere's idea :)

my beloved has purchased both of us new iphone 4's but APPLE apparently didn't think there would be such an OUTPOURING for the new phone. so alas i have to wait 7-14 days for my new phone. in the mean time i must use my horrible out of date razer (gasp!) i guess i'll live, poor pitiful me!!!

ok i'm done, i guess i'll stop since not having my iphone for 2 weeks doesn't really compare with say . . .

no food, no clean water, no electricity, no running water, no proper medications or even health care, not having a roof over my head . . .

i could go on forever because the plight of every third world country makes my little rant quite ridiculous and uncalled for :)

so with that said have a blessed week, recycle something, learn something new, give a homeless person some money, donate your time for a good cause, plant something, build something, strive to be better people. we intend too!!



misscellophane said...

I'm sorry you had to wait SOOOOO long for your phone, but I heard you got them today so I hope you're enjoying it! I don't know if I could wait that long myself.

misscellophane said...

BTW, Why don't you follow my blog jerkface? I follow yours!

Fiver said...

umm first of all mel, i didn't get my phone only jere did :(

next i looked for your blog and i couldn't find it. i humbly apologize and i will look for you again.

much love JERKFACE!!



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