Saturday, August 14, 2010

saturday night special

ok, i have a new friend, her name is amanda, (her blog is in my list of followers, i tried to add the link but apparently i'm not smart enough) well long story short, she is super cool crafty. i've been following her blog for a little over a month now and i'd be lying if i didn't say she has been inspiring me.

i have tried BOTH of her enchilada recipes and love her quilts, but i have to say what appeals to me most about her blog is her down to earth approach to domesticity along with the fact that making things like sheets and curtains is not just thrifty and practical but also allows me to begin to give my children a sense of tradition and to see the beauty in the everyday.

here's my cliche for the week "art is what you make of it". my mamaw wouldn't say there was any "art" to her canning abilities or making curtain, but she was sadly quite wrong. craft combined with functionality is the best kind of art a person could make.

i mean honestly what do i have that is worth "passing down" to my children. hmmm, some tupperware, old towels, and a kickin johnny dep poster from 1986. NOTHING! plus i want them to have a spirit of "I can MAKE that!" not "I can BUY that!"

i feel like tevye in fiddler on the roof, TRADITION!!! TRADITION!!

anyway, hope you are having a great weekend, i'm resting with our sick baby and attempting to make curtains for my new bedroom (don't tell mom!!)

oh yea and blythe called to let me know she started making her own jewelry this week. she said her siblings made fun of it, (they're basic but really sweet) but she called me because she knew, "momma you'll like them, i made them all by myself." almost 15 and i still get to hear, "i made it all by myself," precious!!

blessings and love,


PS- the picture of the dogs has nothing to do with anything i just thought they were cute (from left to right- Olive, Gigi, and Jake)


mckeearts said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. I totally believe your statement that "Art is what you make it." I am glad you are inspired and can't wait to see the curtains! P.S. to your little jewelry maker- it's such a fun and rewarding hobby, tell her to keep at it!

Anonymous said...

Tickled to see you making good use of your spare time. Love the picture of the special grandchildren. Cannot wait to see the curtains. I know your bedroom is not the coolest spot west of the Mississippi.


Anonymous said...

Good for you, I have always thought you were pretty crafty. You can always seem to put the right colors and things together. Make it look unique and nice.
Love ya

The Stearns Clan said...

I love the picture and my dog is adorable. I am proud of you and no I didn't tell Mom about the curtains, she read your blog silly. I am also proud of Beeps, she will have to make her Aunty some of her jewerly. You are an amazing artist person Nicole. I love you guys!!

High in Demand said...

Oh My Gosh! I can finally read your blog!!!! I'm so excited!


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