Sunday, August 22, 2010


well the kids are back home safe and sound and as of thursday night we began the tedious process of de-programming them and trying to re-establish a routine. all in all i would say that we have failed miserably at this since i just got isabel and jackson to bed around 10.

the older girls are still puttering around on their own but i have decided that they are almost 15 and 17 they know how much sleep they need and if they want to spend HOURS picking out their outfit for tomorrow i don't care. well i do, but they have got to learn some responsibility. besides we just spent the last two hours before bedtime (which is how jackson and isabel carefully and silently remained under my radar watching netflixs blissfully forgotten :) painting nails, grooming unruly eyebrows, and trimming bangs. i also put highlights in blythe's hair as well. i'm all prettied out tonight and pretty tired when i realized that i have not filled out all of jack's and belle's paperwork so i still need to finish that as well.

but again, all in all i am relieved to be settling into a schedule again and embrace both the school year and fall (oh PLEASE cool down soon) with open arms. i only have classes on tues/thursday so i am quite relieved that i don't have to deal with that in addition to getting the first day of school started off right.

btw, if you are wondering where my super husband is and why he hasn't been so helpful tonight, he is at work finishing up some last minute details for tomorrow. so he has really been missing all the fun!

i hope you all have a great week because i plan too. sophie is doing AWESOME and we are so thankful to God for that and for all the prayers we received from everyone!

blessings and love,


enjoy "our week in pictures"


Anonymous said...

The picture of Isabel looks like a 20 year old nerd. lol Anyway Happy School Days. Enjoyed seeing everyone. Love you all, Grandma

Indigo Children said...

looks like fun :)

I am glad the kids got back home safely. I am sure there is lots going on this first week.

I am enjoying getting back into a boddhi and mom routine. We went to the museum this morning and are about to take a nap. It is kind of nice knowing no one else will be in this house or need me until around 5PM.

Happy first day of school to all. Miss you guys. Glad Ella is all better.


Beautiful batheing babes (and bubs)