Tuesday, August 10, 2010


i have been wanting to redo our bedroom for forever, but could never quite find anything that would incorporate my motley collection of antiques along with my retro sense of design. well long story short mom and i searched and searched and searched and shopped and shopped and shopped and found NOTHING!!

it was so disappointing and then we looked where i NEVER shop (mom's idea)KMART!! yes we still have kmarts in abilene and found everything i wanted. mom was super supportive of my wild room and helped me put the look all together. (THANKS MOM)

i put the whole room together while jere was at work (including painting) to surprise him. and he LOVED it.

he is the best, but i knew he would like it because i ask him a long time ago when we first married and were looking for bedroom stuff what he liked and if he would have an aversion to something feminine. his response?

him-"will you be sleeping with me in it?"
me- "of course why wouldn't i be?"
him-"as long as you are in it, i don't care if has sesame street on it."

did i mention that i really like him alot?

have a great week,



mckeearts said...

It looks great! I love the boldness of the wall against the sweetness of the bedding. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Amanda! I was really nervous because plantain green is really GREEN! But I like it alot!


Indigo Children said...

i love it! so bright and happy :)

Anonymous said...

looks really pretty. You are so creative. btw I did raise an awesome son didn't I. :0 love you

Anonymous said...

Thank you Stacey it IS bright and happy!! And yes Vanessa, he's the best husband I've had so far :D


The Stearns Clan said...

I love the new bedroom. It is beautiful. Also, thank you for taking care of my girl for the past few days. It made things really easy. I love you Cole and congrats on the new bedroom.


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