Monday, September 13, 2010

busy weekend

we had a really busy weekend. friday night was a game in quanah and homecoming in petrolia (where Zoe was the flowergirl in the homecoming court, super cute) then saturday to mom's for her birthday! as a birthday present to herself mom bought a new set of front loading, stackable washer and dryer. her dryer was 42 years old and the washer was about 25 years old so it was about time. her plans are for this set to last her til she dies :) it was actually really cool to see a load of laundry get washed and rinsed with a gallon of water and dried in 15 minutes. efficient and green, and she got the set on clearance for 800 bucks! amazing, way to go mom!!

we had a great time and for once i can honestly say that we're not too tired. it actually felt like a mini-vacation. i even did the driving for jere so he could rest. mom re-arranged and did some spring cleaning in preparation for the holidays and the house looks great. great job mom!

i'm a smidge behind for the week with school work, but since i am not babysitting today i hope to catch up. open house for the highschool is tonight, class tuesday all day, wednesday church and dr appt and we've got games on thursday and friday and trying to go to jere's grandparents 60th anniversary dinner while celebrating previous plans for kelsey's SEVENTEENTH birthday as well, OMGoodness!! i pray for each of you to have a great week and be healthy!!




Anonymous said...

Oh I so hope you all get to come. They have had a pretty stressful weekend but all good now. So, now I am turning my attention back to the anniversary party. Praying it will be a great blessing to them. Happy Birthday Marmie! Cute pic of her and Ella Sophie. Love you all. (gonna send yall and email about the weekend)

The Stearns Clan said...

Love you guys and I am glad I saw you for Mom's birthday. I hope this week is less stressful. And the picture of Mom with both of the girls are wonderful.

Indigo Children said...

sorry we missed the fun this weekend. i love the pictures :)
hope to see you soon.


Beautiful batheing babes (and bubs)