Wednesday, May 27, 2009


the title of my post is the same sound charlie brown makes when he is frustrated. i have never felt the need to use this noise, not even giving birth have i used this noise; but today i use this noise.


we got the repayment back on jere's student loans today. we have already been paying some of them back to the tune of 180 a month combined with mine which are 180 as well. it is a bit of a stretch.

today we got a letter from "sallie mae" AKA the DEVIL telling us that our new payment for all of his loans will begin june 10th for the amount of 581.36.

excuse me?

"ummmm ms. sallie mae are you expecting us to continue to live at the already modest level we are on with this additional 400 a month added to the task of our already meager survival?"

"oh, you don't give a crap, i understand. i also understand why people default on their student loans all the time."

jere is not one of those people who would default. I AM but not him:) which is why God has put us together. we are stuggling with the idea of either him getting another job, me taking on a part time job somewhere (anyone know of someone hiring for mon and thursdays nights for 3 hours a day) or going back to school to get his Masters with me and just add more on to this debt. to quote my brother, "it's just another drop in the bucket."

i dont know, just be in prayer that we will make the right decision for our family. i am not going back to work teaching this year. we do not feel a pull in that direction right now. either way we need to make up our minds by the 10th.

please lift up my spouse in your thoughts and prayers. he is so upset. he works really hard, has a great job that he loves, and is an awesome father and husband. he took most of those loans out because he chose to marry a woman with 3 kids and a taste for non-profit work. he shouldn't be punished for being a good man (the sallie mae lady was really crass and mean to him, i hate when people hurt his feelings and make him feel bad for having 5 children and being a school teacher. (if i ever meet her in public i'm smacking her, looking her right in the eye, and saying, "you know what that's for!"

pray that God will reveil what I am suppose to be doing. (getting a job, or getting masters and certified) God is good to us and has taken us this far. we have a pretty good life if i do say so myself.

besides it's not like God is going to "drop the ball" or anything.

blessings and love
can't wait to see you all soon
welcome andrea,


Monday, May 25, 2009


these last two weeks have been crazy and i am sorry that i have not been blogging as much as ususal. last week i helped with two class parties, one graduation, one birthday party, and jere's band field trip. i don't know who is more tired, me or the two youngest McCurdys.

anyway, school is over for jack and belle and jere and the girls only have this week left and we will all be free for a few weeks. i am so excited to have my family home. hopefully we will be coming in each one of your directions soon. so have your blow-up mattresses (mom-in-law), ice cream and little debbies (marmee)chips and salsa with margaritas (stace and dude), pedicures scheduled (sarah bear), cheap mexican food (staci B.) and cheese nips ready (mark, leah, and nathan) the mccurdys are heading your way!



these are a few pics from last week. love everyone.

Monday, May 18, 2009

spring cold

with only this week left for jack and belle and next week for jere and the girls, i am really starting to pick up on their excitement for summer.

however i have had such a horrible time with my allergies in the last few days i am beginning to think i may have to actually take something. i feel awful. i am taking today to feel better and rest. ella-sophie and isabel are both running from the nose as well so we are just laying low today and watching tv and playing with our fisher price zoo.

hope you all had a great week-end, aside from the attack of allergies mine was very good. thank you God for the rain, woo hoo!

btw. everyone should see the new star trek, we've seen it twice, it's major fun even if you are not a geekie trekkie like my super nerdy husband.



just a quick collage of the week in pictures.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

just wanted to remind every woman that i know who is a mother how much she is appreciated and loved. i hope that you have a wonderful day tomorrow and pray for blessings for each of you in the following months.

so Happy Mother's Day to danell, vanessa, stacey, sarah, and MY mom, thank you for being wonderful mothers and for loving my children and me too :)



Friday, May 8, 2009

thank you

jere and i are celebrating another anniversary today. we had breakfast at our favorite (much to expensive restaurant) this morning, shopping, and we are seeing the new Star Trek movie tonight. i thought i would spare everyone all the mushy stuff and simply say once again

i love you mr. mccurdy.


Monday, May 4, 2009

all about jack

i have four incrediblly beautiful daughters. i know this because everyone tells me so all the time, and the fact that i am also their mother. i'm partial.

kelsey is an extremely talented vocalist (all state 2 years running and numerous UIL events in that bag), hurdler (# 1 in district), and an awesome straight A student (with the exception that currently we are just thanking God she is passing chemestry with a 78).

blythe is an all around athlete (mile relay, high jump 1st in district, and triple jump) she is also a dynamite clarinetist (takes after her daddy), cheerleader, and awesome student (all A's with a B or two peppered in to make her "normal" she says)

isabel is our all around princess. she sings all the time and loves to help. she is very well mannered (at least around others :) and loves her family with all her heart.

ella-sophie is just awesome because i said so. she has the best smile and is a world class snuggler.


jack is my one and only baby boy. God saw fit to slap him right in the middle of those motley, loud, overbearing girls and He could not have picked anyone better suited for the job. jack is patient and kind. he is always mindful of others and tries to be the best little/big brother a sister could ask for. i realize that being in this estrogen laden tornodo he is sometimes lost in the shuffle and not forgotten so much as not appreciated. so with that said today i want to lift him up in your thoughts and prayers for no particular reason other than the fact that he's jack.

to jackson . . .

mom loves you man

Sunday, May 3, 2009

happy happy birthday baby

today is my husband's birthday. it is not a big deal for him, he does not like for you to make a big fuss about him for any reason. in this one respect he is incredibly humble and sometimes no fun.

example: me- "what do you want for your birthday?", him- "nothing, i don't need anything."
me- "well that's no fun, name something-anything!" him- "underwear or socks."

jere is soooo much fun to suprise though if you do decide to make a fuss over him. he is always truly suprised, grateful, and blessed when these occasions do occur. (his graduation party really threw him for a loop :) so with that said i planned a huge birthday party for him. we invited over all our friends and had a TRANSFORMERS birthday party complete with optimus prime masks and allspark cubes for guests. i know a little unsophisticated, a bit childish, and i know probably ridiculous for most of you.

he. loved. it.

my mom and sister came down and helped me get ready for it and i think it was a success. (thank you so much mom and sarah, you are the best. ever.)

now why would i do this.

quite simply Jeremiah Wayne McCurdy is the love of my life and is my other half. he is wonderful and i don't want to know what it would be like to not have him. he makes me feel utterly and completely whole, unified, pretty, smart, appreciated, gifted, wanted, needed,


i thank God for him every day.

i know for many of you, you're thinking, "hey what about your kids?" i love my kids more than my own life, but they will grow up, leave, and prayfully begin their own lives with someone just right for them.

jere is with me forever. he chose me. he's committed to me no matter what. there is no growing up and moving on. we are in this forever and that makes me smile.

so happy birthday to my favorite

i love you

and thanks for taking a chance and choosing me. i told you you wouldn't regret it :)



Beautiful batheing babes (and bubs)