Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Nathan!!!

Happy Birthday Nathan! We can't believe that you are already 2. That just can't be so because that would mean Ella-Sophie will be turning 2 soon too! Oh no, where are all the babies going?

We love you big boy,

Uncle Jere, Aunt Nicole, Kelsey, Blythe, Jackson, Isabel, and Ella-Sophie

Thursday, February 25, 2010


my phone will not let me down load any of the pictures i have taken in the last few weeks, i am working on this technical issue and hopefully if i can't fix it jeremiah can.

hope your week has gone well and if you got some snow you enjoyed it like we did.



Monday, February 15, 2010

blessings for your monday morning

purity is natural. we come into this world with all the right instincts, we are innocent, and therefore perceive things as they should be, rather than how they are. our conscience is clear, our hands are clean, and the world at large is truly beautiful.

have a blessed and wonderful week, much love to you all,


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

idle tuesday

well it's tuesday and i have nothing to report.

this weekend was INSANE. i took 6 middle school girls out shopping for their 8th grade dance dresses. we did find 4 of the 6 girls dresses for under 25 bucks (75% off thank you very much Dillards and Bealls) two of the little girls come from very nice homes (i say this with a smurk on my face in a nice way :) and their parents were AMAZED with my shopping prowess.

umm DUH! i'm a SAHM with FIVE children and a second year band director's salary. HELLO i have to be a smart shopper. honestly i'm amazed at the amount of people who will not take the time to be a saavy shopper.

if they were impressed with that they should see me in sam's or goodwill! i kid i kid. it's nice to be appreciated for something that is second nature for me. i have my incredibly educated yet poor (oops let's be PC sorry insert "thrifty" here) parents to thank for that eh mum?

since times have become so tight i have been amazing my children on a regular basis with prom findings (got kelsey's dress regularly 126 for 16 at dillards, i'll probably have to spend more on shoes for her big 9 1/2 feet) home-cooked meals (it's cheaper and hey it tastes better) and lavish homemade family nights (movie trilogys, stove-top popcorn with real butter, and margaritas sans alcohol)

and you know what?

i couldn't be happier. it's a tight time, but it's our time and i wouldn't change it. hopefully they are learning about what really counts in life.

cliche anyone?

"we may not have it all together but TOGETHER we have it all"

i sure think so, have a great tuesday,


BTW-i think i fixed the problem with the video, hopefully anyway :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Lexi

Happy Birthday Lexi!!! You are getting to be such a big girl!!

We love you,

Uncle Jere, Aunt Coley, Kelsey, Blythe, Jackson, Isabel, and Ella-Sophie

Thursday, February 4, 2010

silly baby tricks

the planetarium can be a bit of a bore for some kids especially when you are only 19 months old. today i went with jack on a field trip to the morgan jones planetarium and of course had to take ella-sophie. she was really really good honestly but we needed a chance to run around after all that sitting and being quiet so i took a tiny video of what we did to pass the time.

hope you enjoy it. i apologize for the quality i BROKE my iphone and am having to use my old blackjack :( again.

happy friday's eve!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

kelsey's growth problem

when did she get so mature looking and when did i get so old and so fat? and more importantly does anyone else think i look just like my MOTHER? how did that happen? i mean i knew i was starting to sound like her and i'm a bit OCD like her but honestly we're practically clones mom!!!! (i say this not that it's bad thing, just a casual observation mother.)

ok, ok, i digress, that's not what i was going to talk to you about.

my super mature daughter has been sporting a new growth for the past three months. it appears to be benign and everyone tells me it's harmless, but i don't know yet. jere wants to have it removed asap, but i think that it will only make it worse. this growth is becoming very much a part of her recently.

it's name


he's 16 and a sophomore (she's 16 and a junior and "doesn't care") he owns a nice truck, he plays in the band, basketball, and track, his father's a county judge, and his sisters are both at ACU. he always says please and thank you and appears to be a decent kid.

i don't know. we finally decided to allow kelsey the opportunity to date and it's much harder than i thought it would be. the good news is he thinks our family is pretty neat and likes coming over here and playing games (he's never played dominoes :) watching movies ("you haven't seen the -Lord of the Rings- trilogy?") and thinks my homemade pizza is the best (but seriously who doesn't?)

so i guess all in all things are alright. both of them are A students and are not discipline problems and pretty responsible. i suppose for me i'm just waiting for the first real round of heartbreak and despair that will eventually come in some form or another. i want to spare her from any hurt but i know that this is all a growing and learning process. we all have to experience this in some fashion. i hope between now and then God gives me some wisdom and kindness to handle anything that comes our way.

i'm almost positive He will :)

in the mean time i guess i'll just sit back and watch and let her live, experience, and relate. (without me holding her hand the whole way :)



Monday, February 1, 2010


Beautiful batheing babes (and bubs)