Thursday, December 17, 2009

merry Christmas

"why was santa's little helper so sad and discouraged?"

"he suffers from low "elf" esteem"

hope your holiday week is flying by with as much fun as mine and you are all doing well!

blessings and plenty of Christmas cheer,


these pics are from our night out christmas light watching and visiting "the north pole".

Monday, December 7, 2009

happy birthday to me

today is my birthday and i am older.

my children all woke me up with kisses and singing and promises to clean their rooms tonight "all by themselves" as my present. which actually a clean house is the best present i think any mother could ever get.

my husband woke me with kisses, snuggling, and a promise to eventually celebrate my birthday some time this week between basketball games, one-act play practice, music practice, church, and friends graduating from college as well as my sister and bro-in-law coming in for a visit.

it's busy but it's my life. we actually went out for drinks and appetizers friday night together and celebrated a smidge which was quite nice. i like hanging out with mr. mccurdy all by myself. he's cute and really sweet :)

i thought about pondering my birthday for a few minutes, but honestly my life is too busy right now to even think for a minute about how much time has passed, i'm way to focused on the future.


i think that's a good thing, maybe a sign of maturity. who knows? i still need to lose 35 pounds, i still need to clean out all the closets again, i still need to be more consistent in my daily devotions, i still need to be more patient, i still need to be more kind. looks like i've got another year to shoot for those things again.

life is good, even at its most hurried extreme pace it's good.

life is for the living and i'm living my life the best i can with no real complaints along with five incredibly beautiful children and one wonderfully perfect for me husband.


blessings and christmas cheer,


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

we survived!

well we are home and safe and sound from this past week's thanksgiving adventures! i have to say that i am extremely glad to be home and done with all that driving and sleeping in other beds (in the same room with a 17 month old). i am thankful for our family but am quite glad that it is just "us" again.

we put up our tree and decorated it together this weekend and discussed our plans for Christmas. we are still knee deep in paperwork for the house (jere is sick and tired of sending yet again another copy of his current paystub or another copy of our bank statement) but all of our spirits remain high in the hopes that this new year God will bring us a new (and permanent) home!

here's a few pics i took this past week, hope you enjoyed your time with family as well.




Beautiful batheing babes (and bubs)