Sunday, August 29, 2010

Before the Week Starts

last week ended on a not so high note, but i think we are going to be fine. i WILL get the hang of my new schedule. i WILL get all my assignments completed for class, and i WILL keep myself spiritually uplifted through the help of my Lord and Savior AMEN!

"For He is Lord of lords and King of kings; and those who are with Him are called, chosen, and faithful." Revelation 17:14

i consider sunday's to be the actual first day of the week so with that said i WILL say that today has been a great day. jere took me for a date this afternoon. we went to sonic and got fried cheese sticks and onion rings, cokes, and went for a drive around the lake here in Anson. we talked for about an hour about nothing and everything and it was sooo nice. when we got home the kids were getting dinner ready and settling in for the night.

now with it only a little after 9 the two youngest are in bed, jackson is reading in his room, and the oldest girls are finishing up some homework and showering. all that is left for me to do tonight is shower and sleep and i am 100 percent positive that i can definitely handle that.

praying for your week as well as mine friends,


PS i just like this picture of jere and i, there are so few with just the two of us together without several children in the pictures :) the other is our bedroom with the new curtains i finished. i love them!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Busy Week

it's only tuesday and this week has already kicked my rear. i left the house at 6:45 with ella to drop off at day care so i could be in abilene for my 8 o'clock class. i got out of class at 11:45 picked up sophie at 12:30 ran errands until 2:30 and ran back into town for my 4 o'clock class.

i am finally home for the night, 179.1 miles later. jere and the girls were already at marching practice when i got home. jackson is watching the two little girls for an hour until i get home at 7:15.

i'm tired and grumpy. please pray that my attitude will change asap.

jere is so proud and excited (he tells me over and over) so i have got to get this negative attitude under control. we have band boosters thursday/friday nights and i am babysitting on monday's so i only have wednesday to get my homework and housework done.


ok, i'm done complaining. hope your week is going good and that God continues to bless you this week.


Sunday, August 22, 2010


well the kids are back home safe and sound and as of thursday night we began the tedious process of de-programming them and trying to re-establish a routine. all in all i would say that we have failed miserably at this since i just got isabel and jackson to bed around 10.

the older girls are still puttering around on their own but i have decided that they are almost 15 and 17 they know how much sleep they need and if they want to spend HOURS picking out their outfit for tomorrow i don't care. well i do, but they have got to learn some responsibility. besides we just spent the last two hours before bedtime (which is how jackson and isabel carefully and silently remained under my radar watching netflixs blissfully forgotten :) painting nails, grooming unruly eyebrows, and trimming bangs. i also put highlights in blythe's hair as well. i'm all prettied out tonight and pretty tired when i realized that i have not filled out all of jack's and belle's paperwork so i still need to finish that as well.

but again, all in all i am relieved to be settling into a schedule again and embrace both the school year and fall (oh PLEASE cool down soon) with open arms. i only have classes on tues/thursday so i am quite relieved that i don't have to deal with that in addition to getting the first day of school started off right.

btw, if you are wondering where my super husband is and why he hasn't been so helpful tonight, he is at work finishing up some last minute details for tomorrow. so he has really been missing all the fun!

i hope you all have a great week because i plan too. sophie is doing AWESOME and we are so thankful to God for that and for all the prayers we received from everyone!

blessings and love,


enjoy "our week in pictures"

Saturday, August 14, 2010

saturday night special

ok, i have a new friend, her name is amanda, (her blog is in my list of followers, i tried to add the link but apparently i'm not smart enough) well long story short, she is super cool crafty. i've been following her blog for a little over a month now and i'd be lying if i didn't say she has been inspiring me.

i have tried BOTH of her enchilada recipes and love her quilts, but i have to say what appeals to me most about her blog is her down to earth approach to domesticity along with the fact that making things like sheets and curtains is not just thrifty and practical but also allows me to begin to give my children a sense of tradition and to see the beauty in the everyday.

here's my cliche for the week "art is what you make of it". my mamaw wouldn't say there was any "art" to her canning abilities or making curtain, but she was sadly quite wrong. craft combined with functionality is the best kind of art a person could make.

i mean honestly what do i have that is worth "passing down" to my children. hmmm, some tupperware, old towels, and a kickin johnny dep poster from 1986. NOTHING! plus i want them to have a spirit of "I can MAKE that!" not "I can BUY that!"

i feel like tevye in fiddler on the roof, TRADITION!!! TRADITION!!

anyway, hope you are having a great weekend, i'm resting with our sick baby and attempting to make curtains for my new bedroom (don't tell mom!!)

oh yea and blythe called to let me know she started making her own jewelry this week. she said her siblings made fun of it, (they're basic but really sweet) but she called me because she knew, "momma you'll like them, i made them all by myself." almost 15 and i still get to hear, "i made it all by myself," precious!!

blessings and love,


PS- the picture of the dogs has nothing to do with anything i just thought they were cute (from left to right- Olive, Gigi, and Jake)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


i have been wanting to redo our bedroom for forever, but could never quite find anything that would incorporate my motley collection of antiques along with my retro sense of design. well long story short mom and i searched and searched and searched and shopped and shopped and shopped and found NOTHING!!

it was so disappointing and then we looked where i NEVER shop (mom's idea)KMART!! yes we still have kmarts in abilene and found everything i wanted. mom was super supportive of my wild room and helped me put the look all together. (THANKS MOM)

i put the whole room together while jere was at work (including painting) to surprise him. and he LOVED it.

he is the best, but i knew he would like it because i ask him a long time ago when we first married and were looking for bedroom stuff what he liked and if he would have an aversion to something feminine. his response?

him-"will you be sleeping with me in it?"
me- "of course why wouldn't i be?"
him-"as long as you are in it, i don't care if has sesame street on it."

did i mention that i really like him alot?

have a great week,


Sunday, August 1, 2010

my babies

the kids made it safely to new york. they were quite excited but called and said their "i love you's" we probably won't hear from them again for another week.

thank you for all your prayers and good thoughts.

keep me lifted in the next 18 days until they are home safe.

blessings for a good week for you all,



Beautiful batheing babes (and bubs)