Wednesday, September 22, 2010

in the name of the father

truth, faith, peace
we three must be apart always
together we sit in the same chair

our value is equal
our work hard
our needs great
our roots the same

through life we must learn
to be one or
we are all lost

our core is incomplete
old, hollow, used, empty
together piece by piece
we fill the thirst and shut the beast

घाव ईश्वर boddhi कृपया हमारे मधुर शांति और मेरे भाई और उनके परिवार है ।

Friday, September 17, 2010



thank you for being such a great kid, you are an awesome big sister and a tremendous help to your father and i.

we couldn't be prouder or love you more!!


Monday, September 13, 2010

busy weekend

we had a really busy weekend. friday night was a game in quanah and homecoming in petrolia (where Zoe was the flowergirl in the homecoming court, super cute) then saturday to mom's for her birthday! as a birthday present to herself mom bought a new set of front loading, stackable washer and dryer. her dryer was 42 years old and the washer was about 25 years old so it was about time. her plans are for this set to last her til she dies :) it was actually really cool to see a load of laundry get washed and rinsed with a gallon of water and dried in 15 minutes. efficient and green, and she got the set on clearance for 800 bucks! amazing, way to go mom!!

we had a great time and for once i can honestly say that we're not too tired. it actually felt like a mini-vacation. i even did the driving for jere so he could rest. mom re-arranged and did some spring cleaning in preparation for the holidays and the house looks great. great job mom!

i'm a smidge behind for the week with school work, but since i am not babysitting today i hope to catch up. open house for the highschool is tonight, class tuesday all day, wednesday church and dr appt and we've got games on thursday and friday and trying to go to jere's grandparents 60th anniversary dinner while celebrating previous plans for kelsey's SEVENTEENTH birthday as well, OMGoodness!! i pray for each of you to have a great week and be healthy!!



Saturday, September 4, 2010

so very tired!

ok, last night was the first home game of the season for the ANSON TIGER BAND! the band was awesome as usual and the football team was disappointing. as usual. we were slaughtered 13 to 46 by stanford. so very sad :(

anyway, i worked the concession stand as it is one of my duties as secretary of the band boosters.

i am sooooo tired. i stood on my feet and served food for four and a half hours!!! i have no clue where my three youngest children were during that time either. it was a disaster and i had a very displeased husband around 10:30 when i finally met up with him and my children. by the time we cleaned, counted money, and re-stocked, loaded up the kids and got home it was after midnight and we didn't fall asleep until 1.

when the baby crawled up into our bed this morning i asked jere what time it was. NINE-THIRTY!!!! holy smokes batman and the rest of our children were still asleep. unbelievable.
today all we have done is eat, sleep, and rest (aka watch netflix :)

well long story short i think it is safe to say that for the rest of marching season that if the mccurdy's tend to be standoffish and unavailable on the weekends, you'll know why.

hope you are all resting up and enjoying this fabulous THREE-DAY WEEKEND!!




Beautiful batheing babes (and bubs)