Monday, April 20, 2009

we need an immune boost

well i have spent my entire day cleaning up puke, rubbing backs, and purchasing crackers and ginger ale.

this is not how i wanted to spend my monday.

jack and blythe are not feeling well as a matter of fact this is the fifth time we are dealing with strep throat since september. we now how to consider the fact that perhaps blythe could benefit from some surgery.

blythe is past miserable. she has had the shot twice in the past and penicillin as well, this time they gave her keflex to see how well that heals her. at this point she has ask me to personally to just rip her tonsils out. i opted to give her motrin and tylenol and told her to take another nap.

jack has just thrown up until he basically cannot even sit up any more. our ped figures he is just fighting strep, so fingers crossed jack wins this battle and begins to feel better by tomorrow, otherwise it's back to the doctor for him tomorrow.

pray for speed healing for all of my kids that are sick and continued good health for the others




Danell said...

Poor babies! I'm so sorry, hopefully they are feeling better today.

Indigo Children said...

i hope they are both better soon (and stay better)..and that no one else gets sick!

Cleaning up puke is definitely my least favorite part of being a mom.


Beautiful batheing babes (and bubs)