Saturday, May 24, 2008

Graduated and Passed

So he finally graduated and we got through that chaos. It was so hectic but we had a great time, actually we had a better time than I had actually expected. I am truly thankful for all of our family and friends who helped out.

Next we just received Jere's scores for his PPR and he PASSED! We are so proud of him, now he can really be considered a serious candidate for all these jobs he is applying for. We are so excited and thankful, it is such good news. So . . .

Now what? There are two prospective jobs waiting for him we are just waiting on them now. We are so ready to know which direction to go in and Jere has been awful during this wait. He needs to know that these last six years were not in vain.

Someone should write a book about the graduating experience, but only from the perspective of after graduation. You know the part where you have the degree in one hand and no experience in the other :) pleading with strangers to give you a chance to prove yourself. Now that is a reality series I would actually watch, because I know too many people who aren't trying to become famous (like the ones in most reality shows) just trying to make a living.

Before he was driving me crazy with the whole, "What if I don't pass thing?" Now he is making me equally crazy with this, "I'm only going to be making x amount of dollars, how are we going to survive?" "What if I get the job and they need me now?" "What if there is no place to rent?" I may be hormonal because of the pregnancy, but at least I'm not obsessing like my beloved spouse. I just keep telling him, we are going to be fine, stop worrying, everything is going to be alright. And you know what, it is. I am at peace.

I already miss my job and I am quite sad about not going back in the fall, however I know that we are doing the right thing. Once he gets a job and we have the baby I am sure he will calm down. Until then please pray for our continued peace as not just couple, but as a family as well.




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