Thursday, April 29, 2010

update on the two gimps :)

well we came out of surgery just fine, with the exception of a (nurse's words) drastic drop in blood pressure, (which she recovered from quite quickly) everything went swell. tuesday wasn't so bad, but yesterday was awful.

the good news is they removed tons and tons of scar tissue and it was not her (sp) meniscus like they had originally thought. just scar tissue buildup from over use while injured, over and over again attaching itself to the nerves causing constant bruising and swelling. When we are fully recovered and rehabilitated (in 2 months) she will be as good as new and ready to go back to every sport available for a FRESHMAN in high school (oh my goodness gracious)

this is a picture from tuesday afternoon when she came home. as you can see i now have two out on the injured list, or as jere puts it, we have two red-shirted out on the bench. that blue blob in the front is her ice bag sitting on top of her "tens" machine and the bandaging, and of course that big blue blob is kelsey's sling. we are in a cast until friday and then we get the stitches out. whoopee!!! hopefully he will choose not to recast so she can go to prom, six flags, schliterbahns, and san antonio unhindered.

thanks for all your prayers!!!

and happy thursday,


Saturday, April 24, 2010

mullican family cookbook

so everyone knows i kept the retro 1953 kitchen just the way it was built for mrs. merry green when she and her husband had the house built. my neighbors said ms. merry LOVED red and was so proud of that kitchen.

well for me, i'm just a bit eccentric or eclectic i suppose (chalk it up to who raised me) and i just like the kitchen cause i like red and i like unique, two things my kitchen is.

anyway decorating it has been a bit of a challenge since it's so retro and since we spent all our money getting into the house i have not been allowed to really go buy new YET. i've been forced to use what i already have lying around. so with that said i actually was using a family cookbook as a decoration, it looked vintagey (is that a word?) so i thought it would work.

the other night for some reason i opened it up and started cruising the pages. well i honestly wasn't that inspired by any of the sections until i got to the dessert section.

page after page of butter, sugar, chocolaty confections. i started with the 1-pound pound cake. 10 EGGS LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, 1 POUND OF BUTTER! it was awesome. from there i went to my aunt besh's brownie in a bowl. jere said he could actually feel each tooth individually tingling courtesy of the 2 cups of sugar and karo syrup. i finished with my mamaw's peanut butter crunch yet another concoction comprised mostly of sugar and karo syrup!!

it was wonderful and delicious and fun.

i told the kids about all the sweets my mamaw used to make us. the chex mix, dill weed toast, lemon squares, pudding cakes, and coca-cola sheet cakes. about her shredded wheat breakfast in a tall glass and crackers and cokes for lunch. about her ironing clothes for money and us playing in a laundry mat all day. about collecting pop tops from cokes to wear as rings and later that day watching andy griffith and wheel of fortune.

i hadn't thought about all that stuff for a long time. isn't it nice to know that the older you get the more the good memories outweigh the bad ones in life?

hope your weekend is great!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

kelsey's hospital stay


so kelsey had surgery on her arm last thursday. remember the dreaded horseback riding accident of '05? the one where she fell off the horse and suffered a compound fracture of the right forearm resulting in two shiney titanium plates and eleven screws in her dainty little arm.

well in the last year she has had a lot of pain when playing sports or lifting weights (she's doing some power lifting, my little girl is a HOSS). we took a trip back to her doc and he said it all had to come out.

long story short the twenty minute day surgery turned into an eighty minute sugery with an overnight stay. the bone had grown over parts of the plates so instead of just removing them they had to CHISLE the bone off the plates michealangelo style.


we ended up on oxygen for a few hours since she was having a hard time keeping her o2stat up (it was 63, it should be 100) she is doing alright and back at school and will be in a cast at least until the 30th at which time we should change into a splint. we hope. otherwise her prom pictures aren't going to be as good as she hopes.

anyway here are her before and after pictures, enjoy!

i hope you are all having a great week and pray for an even better weekend!!


ps-blythe's knee surgery is tuesday :) i know i know, what are we doing? we are trying to get our girls healthy, whole, rehabilitated, and ready for fall sports! keep us in your prayers!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

happy wednesday

jere had a gig in Snyder on Sunday and we took advantage of the beautiful weather and the day off to slowly make our way home all the while taking time to stop and smell the flowers!

hope you're having a great week!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

i'm mad

well i just returned from my 60 mile round trip trek this morning. i still have jack and belle in abilene at cornerstone til the end of the week. we have decided with rising gas prices (2.75 here avg.) that we can no longer afford the drive each day (2 times so 120 for the day) to abilene so our children can continue going to school there.

i have even started driving jere's 1995 mazda 626 back and forth to try to save as it gets about 28-32 on the hwy. for those of you who don't know i HATE that little car with a passion. my beloved expedition sits cold and unused. (btw i defend my right to own that gas guzzler as unlike most texans i actually DO have enough people to fit in it unlike the classic family of 4 that usually own these monsters!) it's not even practical for me to drive the montana either.

i'm very angry

why is it i live in the great state of texas one of the largest producers of oil in the WORLD and i have to pay out my rear for gas? this is totally unacceptable. my husband and i do everything we can to be smart and frugal with our money.

from cloth diapers to home cooked meals, our children take their lunches to school, i shop clearance racks (only if we really need something new like shoes or jeans) the rest i purchase at garage sales and good will. and i have NO PROBLEM with this. in fact i love to brag about how much i don't spend on what we as consumers deem NECESSARY!

but i can't buy gas on the clearance rack can i?

i am not a "die hard republican" nor am i a "die hard democrat", oh how i hate those terms, i'm a DIE HARD AMERICAN who deserves to be treated better.

we live off 40K a year with 5 kids, we recycle, we don't waste, we don't have cable, hell (that's right i said hell) my electric bill is NEVER more than 150 bucks (that's what windows are for people ask your grandparents they survived without central heat and air you can too) i haven't had star bucks in 2 years and i'm alive! my kids say, "yes sir and no sir," my shoes are 3 years old and my car's even older! WE ARE TRYING!

so with that said . . .

lower my gas price Mr. President and all you "die Hard," republicans or democrats or just sad sold-out politicians.

that is all



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