Monday, May 10, 2010

proms and dances

this weekend was crazy, both girls had important dates on their calenders.

blythe had her 8th grade banquet and awards program thursday night and kelsey had prom on friday night.

jere and i accompanied blythe to her banquet along with her uncle beau and aunt mel, which by the way in my day our Sunday best was good enough. the boys were in tuxes and the girls were in prom dresses, it was crazy, but i think she had a great time.

kelsey's prom was actually held at a "swanky" club in abilene. we chauffeured as it is illegal for drivers under 18 to drive after midnight and they wanted to go to ihop afterwards. we had a great time.

we also opened our home up to any kid that had nothing to do after the prom and didn't want to go home (or have sex, drink, or anything else inappropriate for sixteen year olds). we ended up with about thirteen kids drinking virgin daiquiris, pina coladas, and margaritas while playing wii and being loud. jere drove all the boys home (they left their cars at our house) and 4 girls spent the night with us.

we felt pretty privileged that the kids not only liked our idea of hanging out at the mccurds, but that they also included jere and i in the mix. we had fun with the kids too. all in all i think it was a good night, though my days of staying up til three a.m. are long over. we fixed a great big family breakfast, took the rest of the girls home, and watched jack's soccer game. all in all a pretty busy, but great weekend.

i hope yours was just as much fun!

happy monday,


btw, that's matt with blythe and andy with kelsey


Indigo Children said...

sounds like so much fun.

is there a picture (i can't see it if there is)?

Fiver said...

the pics won't upload no matter what i do, i'm getting really frustrated!!


Anonymous said...

I have been checking for pics. sounds like you all had a wonderful time. So, I see now why pics. Hope you figure it out.
Love you all

The Stearns Clan said...

The pictures are wonderful and the girls look beautiful. I can't believe that they are old enough to go to proms and banquets. I wish I had been there to see them off. I love you guys and I will see you this Saturday.


Beautiful batheing babes (and bubs)