Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Secret Life of Bees-My Most Boring Blog Yet :)

So i'm cruising the web, because i don't want to clean my home (surprise surprise) and i notice there is a trailer for this movie, "the secret life of bees". and my brain is thinking, "why does this sound so familiar to me?"

i own this book

about seven years ago, back when my sister-in-law was just my friend, she gave me this book on one of her random (i must have order in this chaos) cleaning sprees. i remember this for three reasons, 1) i got some cool old navy t-shirts, which i still have 2)my brother was living with her one floor below my apartment and that was "different" 3) and she gave me several books on poetry, feminism, and this book.

well today, i read that book from cover to cover. i am only ashamed to say that i hadn't read it sooner. it is really a nice easy read.

jere and i have moved four times since we have been married and as such i have culled down my mini library considerably. for some reason i hadn't given this book away. maybe because stace gave it to me and might notice it missing, (though i doubt, my betty friedan collection *courtesy of stace yet again* has been shrinking for years unnoticed :) or just the interesting name, the cover artwork, whatever.

for whatever reason i saved it and i'm glad i did and i'm glad my sister-in-law thought i might like it and i'm glad they made it into a movie, and i'm just glad

did i mention i watched "Pollyanna" three times today?




Indigo Children said...

how funny that you kept it :)

Maybe we should go and see the movie.

heliniorimsa said...

It was shocking drama for me. Even it is a story that we can cry from the start. The directoer has added the strength and the power of holding hands together and also the power of women. Secret life of bees is the most voting movie for me and saw the movie at http://www.80millionmoviesfree.com

Anonymous said...

When we all become self absorbed and want only time for ourselves and wish we could have it all. Stop and look around. Your baby is no longer three but thirty. How did it happen? Why didn't I watch a little harder, relish each moment more, and not wish for time to pass on so I could do what I wanted to do. I have read and watched Thornton Wilder's OUR TOWN many times, yet I never seem to learn the lesson so beautifully expressed; love and relive each moment as it happens because it is over so quickly. I have many regrets in my life; but I know I can't hang on to them. No parent is perfect and we all are really trying to accomplish the same thing. Love our children with all our hearts, and do what we can only do. No quick fix just trying our best. I miss my babies and relive their lives in their children's lives; but it all hurts so bad, because in one second our whole world can change. Love the moment and don't fret over the next. I miss your dad too; and it was a hell of a ride.


Indigo Children said...

took aud and mike to see it yesterday --kinda cheesy...but of course I started crying in the previews and did not stop until long after the credits. May is my absolute favorite.


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